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13 Jul 2023

REVIEW: Monster College on PC (Steam)

Review by Jon Donnis
I have reviewed a few adult visual novel games over the years, and since it has been a while, I thought I would check out one that seemed a bit different to the usual lot. In Monster College the protagonist is a werewolf!

As is always the way with visual novel games, the main story is pretty much set, although you still have to make decisions as you play, which in turn will affect the story and how you interact with certain characters.

Your character (which you can change the name of), one day finds out he is a werewolf after getting a bit too aroused during an encounter with his girlfriend, he tries to hide his "condition" from her and then from his dad, but eventually has no choice, luckily for him, his father is also a werewolf. The decision is then made that he should enrol at Silverleaf University, which is a special university for special people. Basically the freaks of the world, demons, vampires, zombies, werewolves, gorgons and a place where your character will fit in.

Now because this is an adult visual novel; you will of course get to meet lots of very attractive women, and as is often the case you will try to make relations with them.

With 4000 images and 120 animations, there is plenty to see and the story itself has over 60,000 words and there are multiple endings to witness.

Like many other games of this type, it runs on the "Ren'py Engine" so if you have played other similar visual novels, the controls will be instantly familiar.

The Good
Very well-made images, the story is erotic and well told, and although not as many animations as similar such games, the animations are done well.

The Bad
There are a few bugs, but luckily, they are getting fixed in updates. No spoken word, everything is text based. And could do with more animations.

If you are a fan of the genre, and want something a little different, with some more interesting characters, then check out Monster College.

I score Monster College a decent 7/10.

Check it out at the link below. 18+ only!

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