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26 Aug 2023

REVIEW: Contraptions 3 on Nintendo Switch

Contraptions 3 continues the zany tradition of its predecessors, delivering a fun and imaginative puzzle-solving experience that fans of the series will appreciate. This game successfully combines creative contraptions and Rube Goldberg-style mechanics to entertain players with its unique challenges. However, while it offers simple and enjoyable graphics, it also carries some drawbacks that might hinder newcomers from fully embracing the eccentric charm.

The game features over 200 wacky puzzles spread across five distinct worlds, offering a substantial amount of content for puzzle enthusiasts to explore. Additionally, the ability to create custom levels and challenge friends to conquer them extends the game's replayability beyond its premade puzzles.

Each level tasks players with ridding the environment of monsters by crafting intricate contraptions. The core gameplay revolves around arranging objects in a way that triggers chain reactions, leading to the monsters' demise. Players can pause time to reposition, flip, or connect objects, allowing them to fine-tune their solutions before setting the contraption in motion. If executed correctly, a satisfying domino effect unfolds, leading to the monsters' ultimate defeat.

Contraptions 3 boasts a wide array of gadgets, each with its own unique interaction and functionality. Igniting, touching, pushing, or pulling these gadgets can set off a series of events that culminate in solving a puzzle. Players must think creatively to interconnect these gadgets, crafting complex and often hilarious setups to achieve their objectives.

The game encourages diverse approaches to puzzles, enabling players to experiment and devise their own Rube Goldberg-inspired solutions. This aspect lends itself well to the game's replayability, as the puzzles can often be approached in multiple ways.

The Good
The game's simple and fun graphics retain the signature style that fans of the series have grown fond of. The whimsical world of Contraptions 3 is a joy to explore, with each of the five different worlds presenting distinct environments to unravel. Players who enjoyed the previous entries will feel right at home, revelling in the familiar visuals that make the game so inviting.

The Bad
Unfortunately, Contraptions 3 stumbles when it comes to onboarding new players. The absence of a detailed tutorial and the steep learning curve can be a significant barrier to entry, particularly for those who are new to the franchise. The complex interactivity of various gadgets and objects is not thoroughly explained, leaving players to grapple with confusion as they attempt to piece together solutions. This oversight in introducing newcomers to the game mechanics detracts from the overall enjoyment and accessibility of the experience.

Contraptions 3 successfully maintains the engaging and humorous puzzle-solving experience the series is known for. The game's vibrant and imaginative worlds, coupled with its intricate contraption-building mechanics, offer a joyful journey for fans of the franchise. However, the absence of a thorough tutorial and the steep learning curve can be off-putting to newcomers, hampering their initial immersion into the game.

With its unique blend of creativity and puzzles, Contraptions 3 stands as a solid entry in the series, deserving of a 7 out of 10. It's a game that rewards both ingenuity and patience, beckoning players to explore the wacky possibilities hidden within each level's assortment of gadgets and objects.

Out Now for £5.99 on Nintendo Switch

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