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4 Aug 2023

REVIEW: Gravity - PC (Steam)

Review by Jon Donnis
This physics-based logic puzzle game offers a straightforward and engaging gameplay experience. The objective is to guide the ball to the exit within a limited time frame of 20 seconds per level. Each puzzle begins with all objects, including the ball, in a static state.

Players have the ability to manipulate yellow and orange objects by moving and rotating them into different positions. Once satisfied with the object placements, they can activate gravity by pressing play. At this point, the ball and all green and yellow objects will be influenced by physics, leading to dynamic interactions. For instance, players may need to clear the path for the ball to reach the exit or strategically place ramps to guide its descent.

Throughout the game, there are four main types of objects to consider. The red ball(s) cannot be moved and are subject to gravity; successfully reaching the exit completes each level. Yellow objects can be moved and are also affected by gravity. Green objects cannot be moved but are influenced by gravity, adding to the complexity of the puzzles. Lastly, orange objects are movable but remain unaffected by gravity.

With a total of 60 levels and 5 bonus stages, players will find a good variety of challenges to overcome. The addition of time challenges for every level adds an extra layer of excitement, encouraging players to think quickly and make efficient decisions.

Moreover, the game features unlockable balls and backgrounds, which add a touch of customization and incentive for players to explore and achieve more.

The Good
Nice clear graphics, and straightforward gameplay. It is clear what you need to do, so no confusion, just position the pieces and press play.

The Bad
It does get quite hard, and quite quickly.

This physics-based logic puzzle game offers a satisfying experience for puzzle enthusiasts. It's simple yet engaging mechanics, coupled with a range of levels and bonus stages, ensure that players will find themselves immersed in finding creative solutions to guide the ball to its destination. While the game doesn't stray far from its core gameplay, the addition of time challenges and unlockable content keeps the experience fresh and enjoyable.

I score Gravity on PC a solid 7.5/10

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