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10 Oct 2023

REVIEW: Bang-On Balls: Chronicles on XBOX

Review by Jon Donnis

Bang-On Balls: Chronicles, despite its peculiar name, offers a delightful and content-loaded experience for those seeking a lighthearted, bouncy adventure. As BOB, the bouncy hero, players embark on an epic quest through destructible open worlds, showcasing glorious 3D platforming and combat inspired by some of the genre's best.

Many of the problems I had with the original Steam release, seemed to have been ironed out for the Xbox release, although I still hate the camera angle, I much prefer a fixed camera, unfortunately one of my biggest complaints here is that sometimes you just cant see what you are doing as the environment gets in the way.

The game begins with a whimsical introduction, placing players in a warehouse with minimal instructions. Exploring this space unveils collectibles, including film reels crucial for unlocking levels. The initial stage serves as a tutorial, providing a simple obstacle course to acclimate players to the game's mechanics.

Once the introductory phase concludes, players dive into various historical-themed open worlds, each presenting unique mechanics, enemies, and items. From Vikings to Feudal Japan and even the Space Race, the game's diverse settings offer plenty of room for exploration and discovery.

One notable aspect of Bang-On Balls: Chronicles is its emphasis on exploration and collection. The game encourages players to delve into every nook and cranny, smashing objects and unlocking treasures. The ability to customize the character using collected items adds a creative touch to the experience, without the need for paid cosmetic DLC.

While the game excels in its graphical presentation and smooth gameplay, it could benefit from a more user-friendly menu system and improved guidance for players to navigate levels efficiently. The initial confusion regarding progression and objectives could be mitigated with clearer instructions.

Despite minor drawbacks, Bang-On Balls: Chronicles on Xbox offers a good gaming experience, especially when enjoyed in a multiplayer setting. With a few adjustments to enhance accessibility, this game has the potential to attract a wider audience and further showcase the developer's creativity.

Overall, Bang-On Balls: Chronicles on Xbox receives a fair and fitting score of 7/10, making it a promising addition to the gaming repertoire.

Out Now on Xbox

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