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18 Oct 2023

REVIEW: Metal Max Xeno Reborn - PS4

Review by Jon Donnis
Metal Max Xeno: Reborn takes players on a reimagined journey through the desolate wasteland of Dystokyo, offering a classic turn-based fighting experience coupled with creative vehicle and weapon customization. Developed as a nonlinear, open-world JRPG with real-time battles and vehicular combat, the game successfully merges exploration, combat, and customization, albeit with some shortcomings.

One of the game's notable strengths is its solid foundation in classic turn-based combat, which works seamlessly and is complemented by the intricate customization options for both weapons and vehicles. The joy of modifying tanks and experimenting with various firepower options is a standout feature, allowing players to tailor their playstyle and strategy to suit their preferences.

The game presents a captivating narrative set in a post-apocalyptic world on the verge of extinction, challenging players to navigate a barren landscape in their quest to save humanity. The introduction of Talis, a monster hunter with a robotic arm, adds depth to the storyline and sets the tone for an engaging adventure. The vast open world provides ample freedom for exploration, encouraging players to uncover secrets, dungeons, and powerful upgrades while managing encounters with formidable adversaries.

However, the game's downside lies in its resemblance to the original Metal Max Xeno, released a few years prior. Metal Max Xeno: Reborn essentially offers the same gameplay with updated graphics, albeit omitting some features and story elements. While this streamlining may reduce the grind, it leaves enthusiasts wanting more, especially if they've already experienced the prior installment.

In conclusion, Metal Max Xeno: Reborn is a fun and deep JRPG that successfully incorporates classic turn-based combat and engaging customization elements. The storyline and the world it introduces captivate players, providing an immersive experience. However, the game's similarities to its predecessor and the absence of certain features hinder its potential for true greatness. With a larger development team and budget, this title could have elevated itself to a classic status. Nonetheless, for fans of the series and newcomers seeking a solid JRPG experience, Metal Max Xeno: Reborn is a worthy choice.

I score Metal Max Xeno: Reborn a fair 7 out of 10. If you have never played the previous game, or the various Japanese releases, then this is a fun JRPG that you can enjoy.

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