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28 Nov 2023

REVIEW: Pretty Girls Escape PLUS on PC (Steam)

Familiar readers of our site are likely aware of my track record with reviews from the "Pretty Girls" franchise, and today, I'm excited to delve into the 21st installment – Pretty Girls Escape PLUS. As is the tradition with these releases, the formula remains simple: take a classic game, give it a modern twist, introduce new gameplay elements, and sprinkle in some Japanese anime-style charm. It's a straightforward recipe that consistently delivers enjoyable experiences. Given my past positive reviews of Pretty Girls titles, the question remains: can Pretty Girls Escape PLUS uphold this trend? Read on to discover the answer.

Pretty Girls Escape PLUS serves as an enhanced edition of its predecessor, boasting new characters, stages, and revamped dressing room features.

The game itself, Pretty Girls Escape, falls into the escape block puzzle genre. Players navigate character blocks through challenges, aiming to clear stages by eliminating connected blocks of the same color. The strategic movement of blocks left and right guides the character blocks to the exit. Each stage introduces various obstacles, adding complexity to the puzzle-solving process. The goal? Achieve a high score by erasing as many blocks as possible with minimal moves.

Game Modes:

Stage Mode: Featuring 9 characters with 6 stages each, this mode progressively increases in difficulty. Completing stage-specific missions earns points, which can be exchanged for new costumes.

Challenge Mode: A highly demanding mode with 20 stages, each escalating in difficulty. The ultimate challenge is to conquer all levels.

The game boasts a diverse cast of 9 characters, each with unique traits. The dressing room allows players to freely change costumes, take snapshots, and utilize diorama mode to create and save scenes with multiple characters.


Akiko: Calm and composed, she's the reliable older sister type with a touch of femininity.
Aoi: Reserved and modest, she excels at singing but struggles with dancing and improvisation.
Erisa: A beautiful and talented idol skilled in both singing and dancing.
Megumi: Motherly and kind-hearted, she balances kindness with firmness.
Risa: A bright and vivacious track and field coach well-liked by athletes.
Ami: Track and field team ace, a perfectionist dedicated to her sport.
Sakura: The beautiful manager of the track and field club who admires her coach.
Seira: Strong, serious, and responsible, she plays the role of everyone's big sister.
Ayari: Quiet and cool with a hardworking nature and a hint of tsundere.
Notably, the game maintains a "Bishoujo characters" aesthetic, ensuring no nudity or explicit content, aligning with the Japanese Manga and Anime style.

However, the game's challenge evolves beyond mere block manipulation. Tilt options, obstacle introduction (bombs, unmovable blocks), and the need to strategically move key blocks to unlock exits add layers of complexity. Each character's set of levels increases in difficulty, ensuring a progressively challenging experience. The challenge mode, with 20 stages of increasing difficulty, further enriches the gameplay experience.

The Good:
Zoo Corporation, true to form, elevates a simple game concept, enhancing visuals, and adding depth to what could be considered a straightforward game. It's a rare feat for a franchise to consistently deliver quality across diverse game types. As a puzzle enthusiast, I appreciated the initial ease of play, which later transformed into a tactical challenge with the introduction of "gimmick blocks." Time seems to fly by as you engage with the game.

The Bad:
Struggling to pinpoint any notable flaws, Pretty Girls Escape PLUS effectively executes its role as a block-falling puzzle game.

Zoo Corporation continues its success streak with yet another flawlessly executed puzzle game. Priced competitively at around £5, with a launch discount, Pretty Girls Escape PLUS is a "no-brainer" for puzzle enthusiasts. I award Pretty Girls Escape PLUS a commendable 9 out of 10.

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