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16 Dec 2023

REVIEW: Born of Bread on PC (Steam) - Out Now

Review by Jon Donnis
Born of Bread, a whimsical RPG adventure available on Steam, introduces players to Loaf, an unlikely hero who is a flour golem with a perpetual childlike wonder. Set against the backdrop of havoc caused by beings from another age, the game weaves a story thousands of years in the making.

The 2.5D adventure unfolds in a vibrant world brimming with mysteries. As players guide Loaf and his quirky buddies, they face off against menacing baddies through a turn-based combat system infused with a unique interactive twist. The game challenges players' reflexes, adding a layer of engagement to the traditional turn-based mechanics.

In terms of presentation, Born of Bread stands out with its clear and colorful graphics, contributing to the whimsical atmosphere. The characters, each possessing odd abilities and distinct personalities, bring humour and joy to the narrative. The game is filled with delightful bread puns and a fun sense of humor, creating a charming experience.

However, the 2.5D graphics pose challenges as characters and environmental elements may obstruct the main character, impacting visibility. Skipping dialogue could lead to missing crucial information for progression, emphasizing the importance of paying close attention. The in-game menu system, designed to be navigated with a mouse, doesn't work well with a gamepad and proves overly complicated, detracting from the overall user experience.

Despite its enjoyable style reminiscent of the original Paper Mario, Born of Bread lacks originality, and the turn-based combat may feel tedious for players who prefer real-time fights. The inclusion of numerous pop culture references adds an extra layer of entertainment, complemented by a well-crafted in-game soundtrack.

In conclusion, Born of Bread offers a cute and enjoyable experience with room for improvement. The game's strengths lie in its vibrant graphics, engaging characters, and a delightful blend of humour and pop culture references. However, issues with the 2.5D graphics and an overcomplicated menu system detract from the overall experience. While the turn-based combat may not resonate with all players, Born of Bread is still worth exploring for those seeking a lighthearted adventure.

Born of Bread on PC (Steam) has the potential for growth and refinement, and with some adjustments, it could reach greater heights.

Score: 7 out of 10
Out on PC, Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X.

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