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14 Dec 2023

REVIEW: Only Wish on PC (Steam)

Review by Jon Donnis
"Only Wish," the latest offering from the creators of "Broll," promised to take the "Only Up" genre to the next level with its captivating landscapes, innovative gameplay, and a plethora of unique features. Unfortunately, the game falls short of delivering on its potential due to persistent technical issues that hinder the overall experience.

The game opens with a sense of wonder, inviting players to explore mysterious doors concealing untold stories and secrets. The promise of diverse vehicles for exploration adds an extra layer to the traditional platforming genre, but this innovation is overshadowed by a critical flaw: the game consistently crashes for me after the initial opening, rendering it unplayable.

Despite reporting the issue to the developers, a fix has yet to be implemented. This raises concerns about the game's readiness for a proper release. It's evident that "Only Wish" has the potential to be an engaging and immersive experience, but the current state of persistent bugs undermines the player's ability to fully enjoy what the game has to offer.

One of the game's touted features is the intricate interactions with NPCs, promising to deepen immersion and provide a rich narrative experience. Unfortunately, my gameplay was cut short before I could fully appreciate these aspects due to the technical difficulties.

In conclusion, "Only Wish" has a promising concept with its groundbreaking gameplay elements and narrative potential. However, the presence of critical bugs prevents players from fully enjoying the experience. Until these technical issues are addressed and the game receives a stable release, it's challenging to recommend "Only Wish" to players seeking a seamless and enjoyable platforming exploration adventure.

Available on Steam.

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