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25 Feb 2024

REVIEW: Skull and Bones - Xbox

By Jon Donnis
This article is intended to provide constructive feedback regarding the absence of a review of Skull and Bones. Despite my invitation to join the Ubisoft Press Site for the purpose of reviewing Skull and Bones on Xbox, I have encountered significant challenges in accessing the necessary resources to fulfill this task.

Upon acceptance to the Ubisoft Press Site, I anticipated receiving access to review materials, yet despite approval, I have not been provided with the requisite key. Regrettably, the press site lacks functionality for obtaining keys independently. Despite my efforts to resolve this issue through email correspondence with both my initial contact and the designated press contact on the site, my inquiries have gone unanswered, save for a single response directing me to check my spam folder.

Additionally, attempts to engage with Ubisoft via social media channels, including Twitter and Facebook, have yielded no response. This lack of communication is concerning, particularly given the current state of the game's reception. With a 36% rating on Google and an unfavorable review score of 3.6 on Metacritic, it is evident that the game is facing challenges in garnering player engagement and critical acclaim.

As an avid Ubisoft enthusiast with a comprehensive collection of Assassin's Creed titles, I am deeply invested in contributing a thorough and insightful review of Skull and Bones, drawing upon my prior experience with similar titles such as Black Flag and Odyssey. However, the absence of support and responsiveness from Ubisoft impedes my ability to fulfill this objective.

In light of these circumstances, it is disheartening to conclude that Ubisoft's actions reflect a disregard for both their player community and independent reviewers who could offer valuable insights and support. I sincerely hope that this feedback prompts Ubisoft to reassess their approach and prioritize more effective communication and support mechanisms to better serve their stakeholders and enhance the overall gaming experience.

If however you would like to play the game yourself, you can do so at

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