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9 Mar 2024

REVIEW: The Outlast Trials (2024 Video Game) On Xbox

Review by Jon Donnis
"The Outlast Trials" offers a chilling descent into the depths of psychological horror, set against the backdrop of the Cold War era and the morally murky experiments conducted by the Murkoff Corporation. As a prequel to the acclaimed Outlast series, it plunges players into a nightmarish world where survival depends on wit, strategy, and nerve.

The plot of "The Outlast Trials" is a compelling exploration of the human psyche under extreme duress. Players find themselves ensnared in the clutches of the sinister Murkoff Corporation, subjected to harrowing experiments designed to manipulate the mind. The narrative paints a bleak picture of distrust and exploitation, with players forced to confront their own morality as they navigate through a gauntlet of terror.

One of the game's standout features is its emphasis on cooperative play. While solo survival is an option, the true heart of the experience lies in banding together with friends to brave the horrors of the Trials. Whether tackling objectives as a cohesive unit or splitting up to cover more ground, teamwork adds an extra layer of tension and camaraderie to the gameplay.

Gameplay mechanics are finely tuned to maximize fear and tension. The first-person perspective immerses players in a world of shadows and secrets, where every creak and whisper could spell doom. The inclusion of distinct character classes and skill trees adds depth to the cooperative experience, encouraging players to strategize and complement each other's abilities.

Visually, "The Outlast Trials" delivers a visceral onslaught of gore and terror. From grotesque monsters to blood-soaked environments, the game pulls no punches in its depiction of horror. Jump scares and atmospheric dread are expertly employed to keep players on edge, while the grim aesthetic serves to amplify the sense of unease.

However, the game's penchant for over-the-top moments can occasionally detract from the immersion. Moments of excess may pull players out of the experience, undermining the carefully crafted atmosphere of dread.

In summary, "The Outlast Trials" is a gripping addition to the horror genre, offering a potent blend of fear, camaraderie, and psychological torment. While best experienced with friends, solo players will still find plenty to enjoy in its twisted narrative and pulse-pounding gameplay. Despite occasional missteps, it stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of survival horror.

Final Score: 8 out of 10.

Out now on Xbox through the Xbox Store for £31.99
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Also available on Physical is Outlast Trinity for Xbox One at which includes previous games in the series. 

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