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29 Jun 2024

REVIEW: Seed of Life (2024 Video Game) on PS4

Seed of Life

By Jon Donnis

Seed of Life is an action-adventure puzzle game from GS2Games, making a leap from PC to consoles in 2024. In this immersive experience, you step into the shoes of Cora, the last survivor of Lumia, a world teetering on the brink of extinction. Ravaged by alien invaders who have drained the planet's life force, Lumia's only hope lies in the activation of "The Seed", an enigmatic device capable of regenerating the planet's essence and thwarting total annihilation.

From the outset, Seed of Life enchants with its stunning visuals, depicting a once-beautiful world now laced with toxic environments. Playing in a third-person perspective, you guide Cora through a semi-open world teeming with mysteries, dangers, and haunting beauty. The game's design cleverly combines exploration with puzzle-solving, making each step through Lumia feel like an expedition through a labyrinthine landscape full of secrets waiting to be uncovered.

The gameplay revolves around collecting Talisman Capsules to acquire new abilities, gathering Lumium for upgrades, and navigating through various waypoints with the aid of Nar, your alien assistant. The waypoints, colour-coded for different powers, serve as crucial landmarks in your journey, especially in the perilous toxic zones that sap your health. The game's semi-open world design demands strategic thinking, as straying too far from a waypoint without a clear plan can result in lost progress.

Despite the perilous setting and the need to solve intricate puzzles, Seed of Life does not overly guide the player. This hands-off approach can be refreshing for those who enjoy figuring things out independently, though it might frustrate players who prefer more direction.

The game's graphical fidelity shines on consoles, retaining the beautiful, atmospheric quality of the PC version. The world of Lumia is richly imagined, with imaginative environments that make exploration a visual delight. Accompanied by a relaxing soundtrack, the aesthetic experience of Seed of Life is one of its standout features.

However, the transition from PC to consoles is not without flaws. The voice acting for Cora is notably subpar, detracting from the emotional depth of her journey. Moreover, some precision jumping segments are plagued by issues that can lead to frustration. Puzzle difficulty sometimes lacks balance, presenting a challenge that can feel uneven.

A significant drawback for PlayStation 4 players is the inability to adjust graphical settings. This limitation can trigger motion sickness due to certain effects and affects the game's performance with a lower frame rate, a step down from the more customizable PC experience. I imagine the PS5 version will look much better. Given that three years have passed since the original PC release, the lack of noticeable improvements in the console version is disappointing.

In summary, Seed of Life offers a compelling adventure with its beautiful graphics, engaging gameplay, and atmospheric soundtrack, despite its short duration. The game excels in creating an immersive world and challenging puzzles, but stumbles with voice acting, precision mechanics, and a lack of graphical customization on consoles. Nonetheless, it provides a solid and enjoyable experience, earning a respectable score of 7 out of 10.

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