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24 Jun 2024

REVIEW: Teardown: Ultimate Edition (2024 Video Game) on Xbox


Review by Jon Donnis
Teardown, originally released on PC and now on consoles is a sandbox–puzzle game developed and published by Tuxedo Labs, is an absolute marvel in the world of destructible environments and creative gameplay. The game excels in delivering a unique experience that combines the thrill of demolition with intricate puzzle-solving, all set within the fictional Löckelle Municipality. From the outset, players are immersed in a story told through a series of emails, offering a surprisingly engaging narrative for a game primarily focused on destruction.

The plot centers on the owner of Löckelle Teardown Services, a demolition company on the brink of financial ruin. The protagonist's journey begins with a seemingly simple, albeit dubious, job from a businessman named Gordon Woo, leading to a cascade of events that entangle the player in a web of corporate espionage, police investigations, and high-stakes heists. The narrative is rich with twists and turns, as the owner navigates requests from rival businesses, assists a police investigator named Parisa Terdiman, and uncovers the shady operations of BlueTide, an energy drink company with a dark secret. The culmination of these events, including the construction of a menacing machine called the Truxterminator, adds a layer of urgency and excitement to the storyline.

Teardown's gameplay is where it truly shines. The game's levels are made of destructible voxels, allowing for unprecedented freedom in how players approach each mission. The destructibility of the environment is not just a gimmick but a core mechanic that requires strategic planning and creativity. Players are given unlimited time to prepare for their heists, using an array of upgradable tools and vehicles to forge a path that lets them complete objectives swiftly once the alarm is triggered. The thrill of meticulously planning a route, only to execute it in a high-octane, sixty-second dash, is exhilarating.

The variety of tools at the player's disposal, from basic sledgehammers to rocket launchers and explosives, ensures that no two missions feel the same. Vehicles play a crucial role too, whether it's using a crane to clear debris or a speedboat to make a quick escape. The game's levels are diverse and expansive, offering plenty of opportunities for creative destruction. Each mission's design is thoughtful, presenting both required and optional objectives that add replayability and challenge.

Beyond the main campaign, Teardown offers robust additional modes. The Sandbox mode provides a playground for players to experiment with all unlocked tools and upgrades without the pressure of objectives. Creative mode allows for the design of custom levels and objects, adding a personal touch to the game. Challenge modes like Mayhem, Hunted, and Fetch introduce new ways to engage with the game's mechanics, ensuring that there's always something new to try.

The recently released DLC, Folkrace, adds even more value to an already content-rich game. This standalone experience brings destruction derby-style racing into the mix, complete with intense races, rallies, and demolition derbies. The ability to upgrade and customize a fleet of vehicles, from sports cars to food trucks, adds a delightful layer of depth. The three new maps included in Folkrace offer fresh terrain to explore and conquer, making the DLC feel like a substantial addition rather than a mere afterthought.

While the game offers an abundance of content, it can initially feel overwhelming. The controls and objectives aren't always immediately intuitive, which might pose a learning curve for some players. However, once the mechanics are understood, the game becomes incredibly rewarding and enjoyable.

In summary, "Teardown" is an impressive blend of sandbox creativity and puzzle-solving intricacy. It offers a multitude of gameplay experiences, from the meticulously planned heists of the main campaign to the chaotic fun of the Folkrace DLC. The voxel-based destruction engine is a technical marvel, making every act of demolition viscerally satisfying. With a strong modding community further extending its longevity, Teardown promises almost endless possibilities for players. It's a game that feels like multiple games rolled into one, and in the best possible way. I give Teardown a solid 9 out of 10, as it stands out as one of the most innovative and enjoyable games of recent years.

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