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3 Dec 2021

REVIEW: 6Souls on Nintendo Switch

Review by Staff
6Souls is an old school platform game on Nintendo Switch.

You play as Jack, along with his dog Butch, you are on an exciting journey to find and explore Clifford Castle, find out the truth of why the entire Clifford family disappeared, as well as unlock all of its secrets.

There are over 80 levels to play through, in 8 specific and different locations. Each area as its own mysteries to uncover, enemies to beat and secrets to find.

Not only will you have boss fights to overcome, but there is also a strong storyline element as you will meet various residents of the castle and talk to them.

Although most of the time you will control Jack, there are certain areas that Jack cannot reach, and that is where you get to swap control to Butch the dog. Whereas Jack as the ability to traverse walls, and slash at enemies with a sword, butch has only his agility and guile to see him through. Butch has the ability to double jump, which is helpful for those high to reach areas.

6Souls really is a surprisingly good little platform game, that plays perfectly on a Nintendo Switch Lite. Very addictive, quite challenging, and plenty to see and overcome. There are collectables for each level, so a need to replay a level to find a missed coin, or a piece of bacon for the dog, is a huge factor to keep you coming back. And you can even scan around the level using the binoculars, which will help you make the correct jump to an off-screen area.

The Good
I am a fan of retro style graphics at the moment, and this game does the job really well. The gameplay is easy to pick up, hard to master. Controlling the dog for parts of a level is a nice touch, and works well.

The Bad
Despite being able to look around a level, sometimes you will find yourself making leaps of faith, which can be frustrating when you know what you need to do, and where to go, but lack of patience (my big problem) causes you to repeatedly die. Luckily if you die, you restart from a checkpoint, so it is not the end of the world.

A fun old school platform game, with plenty of levels, and plenty to see and do.
I score 6Souls a very solid 8/10, I really enjoyed this title.

6Souls is out now on Nintendo Switch

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