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14 Dec 2021

REVIEW: Graviter on Nintendo Switch


Review by Staff

Graviter is the latest puzzle game to grace the Nintendo Switch, and it has a lot of competition if it wants to stand out.

The story is a bit ridiculous, but at least it has one, your cat has been taken, it is missing in the dark void of space, you have been left parts of a map to the galaxy, collect cat paw prints and find your cat. 

The game works on the idea of gravity, you control the size and position of planets, manipulate them so that you can fly around and collect the paw prints. On some levels the planets can be moved around, on others the planets sizes can be edited, sometimes you will be able to pause time after launching, and move planets etc, then restart time.

Over 100 levels to complete, and you can change the graphic style to monochrome or normal colours.

There are different ways to complete a level, so you are not stuck to just finding the one solution.

The problems however arise pretty much straight away, the game is not at all user friendly, the control system is poor, and the levels can get ridiculously hard very quick, and instead of using logic to solve them, you will end up using trial and error, which is never a good thing to need to do in a puzzle game, as it totally takes away the whole puzzle element.

The graphics and soundtrack are decent, the monochrome option is a nice choice to have, but doesn't really add anything to the game.

The Good

Everything looks decent and there is a challenge there for even the most hardened of puzzle gamers.

The Bad

Poor design, poor menu, and a learning curve that is off putting.


Fine idea, just poorly implemented.

I score Graviter on Nintendo Switch a poor 4/10

Out now on Nintendo Switch

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