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11 Dec 2021

REVIEW: Kickerinho World on Nintendo Switch

Review by Jon Donnis
Kickerinho World is a freestyle-football simulator, well that is what the game makers claim.
In reality it is a "Keepie uppie" game.

Originally released on mobile devices about 5 years ago, and downloaded 5 million times, it is your classic freemium mobile game, whereby you play a bit, lose, watch an advertisement, and start again. On Nintendo Switch it is basically the same, but since you have had to pay for it, the ads are gone.

The aim of the game is simple, keep the ball in the air, do not let it touch the floor, the longer you do that, the more points you get.

Each trigger on the controller controls a different foot, press the correct trigger at the right time and the ball will get kicked and stay in the air, every so often the ball will go high enough for you to head it, and you do this by pressing both triggers at once. You can also use the touch screen as well if you prefer.

The game is pretty hard, despite sounding easy, the timing has to be almost perfect, miss by a fraction of a second and that's it, game over. And that is basically the game, a mobile port, that the main advantage is you won't need to watch ads, or pay microtransactions to purchase things.

There are three characters you can play with, Raul, Violet, or Sydney. And various locations you will travel to, including Paris, New York, Dubai, Shanghai, Moscow, Rio, and Sydney, but these are purely cosmetic, think a change of background and that is it. Various customisations to unlock, balls to collect, and so on. Typical mobile game stuff.

The Good
It looks ok, I guess. You don't need to pay anything else once you have purchased it.

The Bad
Everything, it is a terrible game.

This is a game that should have stayed on mobile. No idea why they would want to have this ported to the Switch.
If you really want to play this, go get it on the play store for free, and if you really love it, then and only then pay for it on Switch.

I score Kickerinho World on Nintendo Switch an abysmal 2/10

Out Now on Nintendo Switch

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