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10 Mar 2022

REVIEW: Dyna Bomb on Nintendo Switch

Review by Jon Donnis
Dyna Bomb is an arcade style linear platformer, run or fly (using your jetpack, that conveniently has unlimited fuel) around a level, collect diamonds, bombs and a key, then exit the level. Do this before the time runs out, and avoiding enemies. There are 8 worlds with 8 levels in each world. So, plenty of levels to complete. Throw in portals to move around a level too, and you have a decent little arcade platformer.

Your character will start a level with 3 bombs that he or she can throw at enemies, you can collect more as well, but use your bombs carefully as they are strictly limited. And if you touch an enemy, level over. 

Dyna Bomb plays as a true arcade game, pick up and play, the game is not about exploration, it is purely about completing the goals, and getting to the exit as soon as you can without dying. And for an arcade game, isn't that what you expect?

The Good
Bright colourful graphics. Cool music. Easy to play. Plenty of levels.

The Bad
It is sometimes hard to see enemies due to the way the screen scrolls, and there is no way to manually look around a level. 

As simple arcade games go, Dyna Bomb hits all the targets you would want, is it perfect? no, there are a few things that are frustrating, like as I mentioned above, not being able to see things as the screen scrolls, the hit mechanics when you come in contact with an enemy are very harsh. And it could be argued that the developers should have given more options, to play without time limits, to have the jet pack with limited fuel and so on. However, the game is pushed as an arcade game, it is a game you will pick up, play for 10 minutes, put down. And then the next day pick it up, play and so on. It can be challenging at times, there are plenty of levels and despite the problems, I do think that Dyna Bomb is a good addition to your Switch Library.

Review by Jon Donnis

Out Now on Nintendo Switch

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