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9 Feb 2024

REVIEW: Dead Man´s Diary (2024 Video Game) on Playstation 5

Review by Jon Donnis
While I typically avoid revisiting games for reviews, the revamped release of Dead Man's Diary on PlayStation 5 intrigued me enough to reconsider. However, rather than rehashing everything, I'd encourage you to check out my original review of the PC version from a few years ago at This will provide insight into why I felt compelled to give this game another chance.

Dead Man's Diary, the narrative-driven survival adventure game from TML-Studios, ventures into the post-apocalyptic realm with promising visuals and an immersive premise. Launched on PlayStation 5 after its initial stumble on other platforms, the game aims to deliver a captivating experience amidst a desolate world.

Visually, Dead Man's Diary shines on the PlayStation 5, boasting stunning environments ranging from eerie forests to desolate ruins, all powered by the Unreal Engine 5. The graphical prowess sets an immersive backdrop for players to delve into the game's narrative.

The audio production complements the visuals, with intense internal monologues and emotive music guiding players through the protagonist's journey. However, despite these strengths, the game falls short in some key areas.

The narrative premise, while intriguing, is hindered by repetitive gameplay and unresolved issues carried over from previous releases. Despite enhancements, including a revamped tutorial and dynamic help options, fundamental problems persist. The inability to skip cutscenes, clunky menu systems, and frustrating mechanics like managing meters and swapping tools detract from the overall experience.

While the game incorporates survival elements like managing hunger and scavenging for resources, they feel underdeveloped and fail to add depth to gameplay. Additionally, the presence of "invisible" walls and limited healing items further dampen the immersion.

Despite its flaws, Dead Man's Diary does have redeeming qualities. The lock-picking mini-game and occasional horror elements add variety to gameplay, and the help system proves valuable for newcomers. However, these highlights are overshadowed by the game's persistent shortcomings.

In conclusion, Dead Man's Diary shows promise with its captivating premise and impressive visuals on the PlayStation 5. However, unresolved issues and repetitive gameplay hinder the overall experience, resulting in a frustrating journey for players. While the help system is commendable, it's not enough to salvage the game's fundamental flaws. With a generous score of 4 out of 10, Dead Man's Diary falls short of its potential, leaving players craving a more polished and engaging experience.

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