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20 Jul 2024

REVIEW: KAKU: Ancient Seal (2024 Action Adventure Game) - On PC (Steam)

KAKU: Ancient Seal

Game Review by Jon Donnis

"KAKU: Ancient Seal" is a captivating open-world action-adventure game that marries exploration, puzzle-solving, and dynamic combat into an engrossing experience. Developed and published by BINGOBELL, it takes players on an epic journey across a vast continent teetering on the brink of destruction. Players step into the shoes of Kaku, a young boy tasked with restoring balance to the land, accompanied by his powerful companion, Piggy.

The game excels in its combat mechanics, allowing players to craft their unique fighting styles through a variety of skills and equipment. Whether wielding swords, shields, or ranged weapons, the combat system encourages experimentation and strategic planning. Upgrading abilities leads to even more powerful attacks, providing a satisfying progression that keeps the combat fresh and engaging.

Exploration in "KAKU: Ancient Seal" is both rewarding and challenging. The world is beautifully designed, with each of the four elemental regions—wind, fire, water, and earth—offering distinct environments. From a gloomy swamp to a frozen tundra, and from a surging magma volcano to a desert wasteland, the settings are diverse and visually impressive. The lighting effects and water animations are particularly noteworthy, showcasing a level of detail that is remarkable for an indie game.

The game also places a strong emphasis on puzzle-solving, which is seamlessly integrated into the exploration. The underground ruins scattered across the continent are filled with ancient mechanisms that require players to use their wits and the elemental powers at their disposal to unlock their mysteries. The puzzles are well-designed, providing a good balance of challenge without becoming frustrating.

However, "KAKU: Ancient Seal" is not without its flaws. The early game does have some bugs, although the developers are actively releasing patches in response to player feedback. Some of the controls can feel clunky and overcomplicated, particularly when it comes to combat. While planning and strategy are essential, there are times when the controls hinder the fluidity of battle, making it feel sluggish, especially during intense boss fights. Additionally, the manual camera control with a gamepad can be cumbersome, sometimes giving too much freedom when a more automated system would be preferable.

Character movement can also be a point of frustration, particularly when attempting long jumps or dodging enemy attacks. The controls can feel unresponsive, which detracts from the overall enjoyment during critical moments of gameplay.

Despite these issues, "KAKU: Ancient Seal" offers a rich and rewarding experience. The narrative is solid, with well-developed characters and a compelling story that draws players into its ancient, elemental world. The soundtrack complements the game's atmosphere beautifully, enhancing the immersion.

KAKU: Ancient Seal is a commendable indie adventure that evokes the spirit of classic Zelda games. It combines a strong narrative with attractive graphics and a fitting soundtrack, providing a decent challenge even on easier difficulty settings. While it has its imperfections, the game's strengths make it a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I would rate it a solid 8 out of 10.

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16 Jul 2024

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using DayZ Cheats

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using DayZ Cheats

DayZ, developed by Bohemia Interactive, is an intense and immersive survival game that challenges players to navigate a post-apocalyptic world teeming with dangers, including zombies and other players. Given the game's high difficulty level and the competitive nature of its player base, some turn to DayZ cheats to gain an edge. However, using cheats in DayZ can be risky, and making mistakes can lead to severe consequences, including bans. This guide will cover the common mistakes to avoid when using DayZ cheats and why Cosmo Cheats is the best provider for these tools.

Using Outdated Cheats

Game developers work hard to keep their anti-cheat systems up to date, so their systems can quickly detect cheaters and ban them. As a result, using an old cheat is high-risk: if the installed cheat does not carry information about the latest security measures, then it can easily get the player banned. So, pay attention to the cheat's versions and keep them up to date. 

How to Avoid Using Outdated Cheats

Always ensure that your cheats are up-to-date. Choose a cheat provider like Cosmo Cheats, which regularly updates its cheats to keep up with the latest anti-cheat measures in DayZ. Staying current with updates is crucial for maintaining the effectiveness and safety of your cheats.

Ignoring Cheat Detection Methods

Many players are unaware of the various methods game developers use to detect cheats. These can include software scans, behavior analysis, and player reports. Ignoring these detection methods is a significant mistake that can lead to account bans.

How to Avoid Ignoring Cheat Detection Methods

You should educate yourself on how anti-cheat systems work and take necessary precautions. Use undetectable cheats from reputable providers like Cosmo Cheats, and stay informed about the latest detection methods and how to avoid them. Understanding the tools used to detect cheating can help you use cheats more safely.

Failing to Use Cheats Safely

Failing to use cheats in a good way can be a big mistake that can result in detection and banning. This includes not using a VPN, failing to clear cheat traces, and using cheats on your main account.

How to Avoid Failing to Use Cheats Safely

You should also proabbly use a VPN to maks your IP address and protect your identity. Clear any traces of cheats from your system after use, and consider using cheats on a secondary account to protect your main account. This strategy can help minimize the risks associated with cheating.

Ignoring Community Feedback

The gaming community can be a valuable resource when it comes to using cheats safely. Ignoring feedback and advice from other players who use cheats is a mistake that can cost you.

How to Avoid Ignoring Community Feedback

Engage with the cheating community to stay informed about the latest safe practices and cheat updates. Forums, Discord servers, and other online communities can provide valuable insights and tips. Learning from the experiences of others can help you avoid common pitfalls.

Using Free or Unverified Cheats

One of the biggest mistakes players make is using free or unverified cheats. These cheats are often not updated regularly and can be easily detected. Additionally, they may contain malware or other harmful software.

How to Avoid Using Free or Unverified Cheats

Invest in reputable and verified cheat providers like Cosmo Cheats. While free cheats may be tempting, they are often not worth the risk. Cosmo Cheats offers high-quality, regularly updated, and undetectable cheats that provide a safer and more reliable cheating experience.

Playing Too Aggressively

When using cheats, playing too aggressively can make it obvious that you are cheating. Consistently pushing into enemy territory with unnatural confidence can draw suspicion and lead to reports.

How to Avoid Playing Too Aggressively

Maintain a balanced and realistic gameplay style. Mix in defensive and cautious plays to avoid drawing attention to your use of cheats. Remember, the key to cheating safely is to blend in with regular players.

Not Monitoring Cheat Status

Cheat providers often update their status regarding the safety and functionality of their cheats. Ignoring these updates can lead to using cheats during periods when they are more likely to be detected.

How to Avoid Not Monitoring Cheat Status

Regularly check the status of your cheats and follow any advice or warnings from your cheat provider. Cosmo Cheats, for instance, provides updates and notifications to help you stay informed about the safest times to use their cheats. This practice ensures you are always aware of any potential risks.

Why Cosmo Cheats is the Best Provider

Choosing the right cheat provider is crucial for a safe and effective cheating experience in DayZ. Cosmo Cheats stands out as the best provider for several reasons:

Undetectable Cheats

Cosmo Cheats offers undetectable cheats designed to bypass the latest anti-cheat measures in DayZ. Their cheats are rigorously tested to ensure they remain undetected, providing you with a safer cheating experience.

Regular Updates

One of the significant advantages of Cosmo Cheats is their commitment to regular updates. They continuously update their cheats to keep up with DayZ's anti-cheat system, ensuring that you always have access to the latest and safest cheats.

User-Friendly Interface

On thing Cosmo Cheats is great at is that its user interface makes it easy to install and use their cheats. Whether you are a novice or an experienced cheater, you will find their cheats accessible and straightforward to use.

Comprehensive Support

Cosmo Cheats offers comprehensive customer support to assist you with any issues or questions. Their support team is knowledgeable and responsive, ensuring that you have a smooth and trouble-free experience.

Strong Community

Being part of the Cosmo Cheats community gives you access to valuable tips, strategies, and support from other users. This community aspect enhances your cheating experience and helps you stay informed about the latest safe practices.

Using cheats in DayZ can be extremely beneficial but it comes with its own risk. Depending on how you approach it, there are always mistakes you can make and avoid when using cheats. No one wants to get banned for obvious things such as overused cheats or a cheat from an unknown source that could easily be a virus or something that isn’t updated in a long while. That’s why, if you’re concerned about your account being compromised then Cosmo Cheats is the best service provider when it comes to cheating.

REVIEW: The Legend of Heroes: Trails through Daybreak (2024 Video Game) - On Playstation

The Legend of Heroes: Trails through Daybreak

Review by Jon Donnis

"The Legend of Heroes: Trails Through Daybreak," developed by Nihon Falcom and released in 2024 for the PlayStation, is a remarkable addition to the beloved "Trails" series. This action role-playing game introduces players to a new story arc set in the Calvard Republic, a nation grappling with rapid economic growth and societal unrest in the year 1208. The game's protagonist, Van Arkride, is a 24-year-old who operates Arkride Solutions Office, taking on morally ambiguous jobs that often place him at the crossroads of legality. His work as a "Spriggan", a fixer navigating the grey areas of the law, sees him cooperating with a variety of factions, including the police, mafia, and mysterious groups with their own hidden agendas.

The game's plot kicks off when Van is approached by Agn├Ęs Claudel, a high school student and daughter of the new Calvardian president. She seeks his help to locate the Oct-Genesis, orbments created by her late great-grandfather, the renowned scientist Claude Epstein. As their quest unfolds, they are joined by an eclectic group of allies, including Feri Al-Fayed, a warrior from the Kruga clan; Aaron Wei, a performer with a secret past; Risette Twinings from a private military company; and others, each bringing unique skills and backstories that enrich the narrative.

One of the standout features of "Trails Through Daybreak" is its seamless blend of real-time action and turn-based combat. The game allows players to switch between these modes freely outside of boss battles, which remain strictly turn-based. This duality offers a dynamic and strategic combat experience that feels both fresh and familiar. The traditional turn-based system, beloved by series veterans, is now complemented by real-time field battles, adding a new layer of excitement and immediacy to encounters.

Gameplay is structured around a chapter format, with each chapter focusing on a day in the sprawling city of Edith. Players can explore the city, interact with a diverse cast of characters, and undertake side missions that add depth to the story and world. The game boasts a larger overworld than previous entries and eliminates load times when entering or exiting buildings, creating a more immersive and fluid experience. Additionally, "Trails Through Daybreak" introduces an alignment system based on law, chaos, and a mix of both. This system influences the player's ability to ally with different factions, unlocking unique events and dialogues, though it does not alter the main story or its ending.

Visually, the game is a feast for the eyes, featuring bright and colourful graphics that bring the world of Calvard to life. Character designs and environments are detailed and vibrant, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. The controls are intuitive, allowing players to navigate and engage in combat effortlessly, whether they are series veterans or newcomers.

But not everything is perfect, the detailed world-building and extensive dialogue, while a strength for many, did feel slightly tedious at times, mainly as I prefer a more action-packed experience. The game also has a deep lore and references to previous entries that did go a bit over my head. Some of the side quests did feel a bit repetitive after a while, and lacked any real meaning, and felt a bit like filler.

With that said, the deep storyline, characters and complex themes do show a lot of effort by the game makers, and for those who really want to feel immersed into a game, this really does deliver. I also enjoyed the music which effectively sets the tone and atmosphere throughout the game.

"Trails Through Daybreak" excels in delivering a rich and engaging JRPG experience. Its blend of traditional and modern gameplay mechanics, combined with a deep and compelling story, makes it a standout title in the genre. Fans of the series will appreciate the refinements and new features, while newcomers will find themselves drawn into the intricately built world and well-designed combat systems. This game ticks all the classic boxes for a JRPG and stands as a testament to Nihon Falcom's storytelling prowess and dedication to the "Trails" series.

I am a fan of JRPGs and enjoyed Trails through Daybreak, and as such score it a healthy 8.5 out of 10.

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9 Jul 2024

REVIEW: NeoSprint on PC (2024 Video Game on Steam) released by Atari


Review by Jon Donnis

NeoSprint, the latest offering from Atari, breathes new life into the cherished "Sprint" series, transporting players back to the golden age of arcade racing with a modern twist. This single screen racer for the PC successfully merges nostalgic charm with contemporary features, resulting in an exhilarating racing experience that caters to both solo players and multiplayer enthusiasts.

From the moment you launch NeoSprint, the game's vibrant, colourful graphics and energetic sound effects immerse you in a world reminiscent of the classic arcade era. The isometric view provides a perfect perspective for navigating the intricate racetracks, and the option to switch between the classic top-down angle and a closer, more dynamic camera adds an extra layer of depth to the visual experience.

One of NeoSprint's standout features is its precise, arcade-style controls. Easy to pick up but challenging to master, the game demands skillful maneuvering, particularly when it comes to drifting and drafting. This nuanced control scheme ensures that each race is both thrilling and satisfying, as you strive to perfect your racing technique.

The robust track-building and sharing tools are where NeoSprint truly shines. The customizable track builder allows you to design tracks with a variety of elements, from ramps and jumps to banks and scenic decorations. The four distinct biomes, forest, desert, winter, and city, offer diverse aesthetic backdrops, making each track feel unique. However, the track-building mode can be somewhat fiddly. Switching between different track types and placing them precisely in the limited grid area can sometimes feel more frustrating than creative.

NeoSprint also features a lineup of nine different car types, each with its own unique attributes in terms of speed, acceleration, and handling. Customizing your cars with different colours and Atari-themed decals adds a personal touch, enhancing the overall racing experience.

For solo players, the Campaign Mode offers a substantial challenge. You'll face off against eight rival racers across multiple Cups, with each track becoming progressively more difficult. Unlockable decorations and car liveries provide additional incentives to keep pushing forward. Beyond the Campaign Mode, NeoSprint includes alternate game modes like Grand Prix, Obstacle Courses, and Time Trials, each offering hours of engaging content.

Multiplayer mode is where NeoSprint's chaotic fun truly comes to life. Racing against up to seven other players on a single screen is a blast, turning each race into a frantic, high-stakes battle for supremacy. The ability to share and rank custom-built tracks with the community ensures that there's always fresh content to explore, keeping the game endlessly replayable.

Despite some minor frustrations with the track-building tools, NeoSprint is a triumph. Atari has successfully revived a beloved classic, infusing it with modern sensibilities while retaining the core elements that made the original so special. The game runs smoothly on PC and is also available on all major consoles, broadening its accessibility.

NeoSprint is more than just a nostalgia trip; it's a genuinely fun and well-crafted racing game that stands on its own merits. For fans of the original Sprint games or newcomers looking for a thrilling arcade racer, NeoSprint delivers in spades. With its blend of nostalgic appeal, precise controls, and endless customization options, NeoSprint earns a solid 8.5 out of 10. Atari has once again proven why they are masters of the arcade racing genre.

2 Jul 2024

REVIEW: Parkitect: Deluxe Edition (2024 Theme Park Sim) on Xbox

Parkitect: Deluxe Edition

Review by Jon Donnis

Parkitect: Deluxe Edition brings the classic amusement park simulation experience to Xbox, offering a comprehensive package that includes all the extra DLCs. This game tasks you with creating and managing a unique theme park, from designing intricate roller coasters to maintaining the illusion of a seamless guest experience.

One of the game's standout features is its vibrant graphics and decent sound effects, which capture the joyful spirit of theme parks beautifully. The colourful, engaging visuals make the game a delight to look at, while the sound effects add an extra layer of immersion. Designing and building roller coasters is particularly enjoyable, allowing you to create thrilling rides piece by piece. This aspect of the game is both fun and satisfying, offering a great sense of achievement.


Compared to other simulation games in this genre, Parkitect is less complex, making it more accessible to newcomers. This streamlined approach helps maintain a balance between intricate management and enjoyable gameplay. Moreover, the Deluxe Edition includes all additional DLCs, providing a wealth of content right from the start. Players have access to a variety of attractions, decorations, and scenarios to enhance their parks.

However, the game's transition from PC to console is not without its challenges. Although the control system has been overhauled for gamepads, it doesn't feel entirely intuitive. The precision and ease of a mouse are noticeably missing, making certain tasks feel cumbersome. Using an Xbox controller for detailed management and construction tasks can be clunky, and the game would benefit from a more arcade-like simplification to make it more enjoyable on consoles.


Another downside is the requirement to build hidden underground tubes to connect buildings. This task feels more like a chore than an engaging part of park management and detracts from the overall fun. Additionally, the initial roller coaster construction tutorial is lacking, leaving myself frustrated and confused. A more comprehensive and user-friendly tutorial system would greatly enhance the onboarding experience.

Parkitect: Deluxe Edition is a fun and colourful theme park simulation game that retains the charm and depth of classic tycoon games. However, its transition from PC to console isn't entirely smooth. The control system, while reworked for gamepads, lacks the intuitiveness needed for a seamless experience, and certain management tasks feel cumbersome on an Xbox controller. These types of games tend to shine on PC, where a mouse offers the precision and ease required for detailed management. On consoles, they need to be simplified to an almost arcade-like level to truly be enjoyable. While Parkitect: Deluxe Edition offers a rich and engaging park-building experience, it falls short in making the most of the console platform.


I score Parkitect: Deluxe Edition a fair 7 out of 10. It's a solid theme park sim that feels out of place on a console and is best enjoyed on a PC, where its complexity can be more comfortably managed.

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