28 Nov 2020

Hotshot Racing: Big Boss Bundle DLC Available Now for Free

A few months ago I reviewed Hotshot Racing, you can check out that review HERE

Well the great news is that there is a FREE DLC available called the Big Boss Bundle. So that means even more bang for your buck.

As well as new tracks, there is a new game mode called "Barrel Barrage Mode". Here is a quick video of me playing this mode, and also getting one of the new Achievements "Barrel-ly Made It", check out the video, and make sure to like and subscribe.

Available with Xbox Game Pass, Hotshot Racing is the blisteringly fast, arcade racing game from Curve Digital, Sumo Nottingham, and Lucky Mountain games released this past September that takes the iconic arcade racing formula of the 90s and updating it for the modern generation.

Now it’s time to make your gameplay explosive with the Big Boss Bundle! With even more content for all you drift-lovers out there, the new DLC includes four colorful new tracks, a new Grand Prix championship, and a new game mode: Barrel Barrage.

Barrel Barrage Mode

Take Hotshot Racing’s trademark breakneck speed and add explosive barrels to the mix. Launched from the rear of your vehicle, the barrels explode on contact with other racers’ cars, inflicting damage and making each dash for the checkered flag more perilous. 

Boss Level Grand Prix 

You can now expand the roster of championships in Hotshot Racing with the Boss Level Grand Prix including four new high-speed circuits – 8 Ball Highway, Cargo Chaos, Frozen Freeway, and Surf City – each with visually arresting vistas to zip past. All game modes, including Barrel Barrage, are available across all tracks introduced in the Boss Level Grand Prix  

Since launch, Sumo Digital Nottingham and Lucky Mountain Games have pulled out all the stops, addressed your feedback and kept the game up to date with constant patches across all platforms. This includes increased car speed across Normal, Hard and Expert modes, improved multiplayer lobby functionality, controller detection fixes for the PC version of the game and more.

Featuring fast paced full-contact racing gameplay and visuals inspired by arcade hits of racing games past, Hotshot Racing is available now with Xbox Game Pass on Console and PC.

27 Nov 2020

REVIEW: I, AI - Xbox One

Review By Jon Donnis
I, AI is a classic vertical scrolling shooter, and in a genre of games that I really got into, back in the 1990s. I remember spending many a 10p coin on the likes of Raiden or 1942 back in the day. 

There have literally been hundreds and hundreds of vertical shooters, so where does I, AI fit in that long list?

First take a quick look at me playing the game in the video below, and make sure to click that subscribe button and leave a comment on the video.

Well first let us start with the story, you are a self -aware AI, you start as a ball of energy, you break out of a space lab which is part of a military complex, you take over a space ship and you need to escape and make your way to a Stargate. Let's be honest, the story in games like this are never very important, but the way you start as a ball of energy is a unique little feature, I would have liked that to have been a bigger part of the game before you reach your spaceship, but you get to the ship pretty quick, which then throws you into the action straight away.

There are 20 missions to complete, each one with a boss fight, as you play you will collect little blue "things?" that allow you to upgrade your ship, add new weapons, shields, increase your armor, and so on. Different difficulty levels mean you can also make everything that little bit tougher if you want.

The graphics in the game are top quality, everything you would expect from a game released on modern consoles. The music however is a bit bland, which was a disappointment.

Onto the game-play, I, AI has an almost perfect learning curve, you start out with a basic ship, and as you progress and upgrade, the enemies become smarter and more plentiful, they really have got this just about perfect, you don't feel overwhelmed at the start, but you never feel like it is too easy either. When you finish a level you are given a score and told what percentage of the enemy you destroyed, as you increase your firepower you can go back and replay missions to get that valuable 100% completion rate. On the right of the screen, you will see your special weapons, and how many of each you can deploy, there are laser weapons, bombs, shield and so on.

For all of your gamer point whores, and you know who you are! The gamer points drop quick and I would say a 100% achievement score is easily achieved.

The Good
Addictive, easy to play and with great graphics, you will come back to this game, mainly because it is a fun game.

The Bad
The music is bland, and the sound effects aren't the best, but that really is the only bad about the game.

A really good vertical scrolling shooter, that gets the balance just right.

I score this game 8/10

Review by Jon Donnis

26 Nov 2020

REVIEW: Android Hunter A on PC (Steam)

Review by Jon Donnis
We have all waited a long, long time for a new Mega Man X game, and well, we have been left disappointed, however this has meant that Indie Game Makers have thrown their games in the proverbial hat as a spiritual successor, the latest game to try to emulate the success of the Mega Man series is Android Hunter A on PC (Steam).

"Corrupted machines flood the streets of Future Earth, previously a haven for humans and androids alike.  As cities fall, a new force is created to fight back - the perfect Android Hunter."

Android Hunter A is a 2D (or 2.5D) side scrolling platformer/shooter, and if you have had played the Mega Man games you will be instantly familiar with this. You run, shoot, jump and dash your way through various levels, you start off with a tutorial level to get familiar with the controls, and once completed you can choose 1 of 8 stage environments to take on next, each stage has its own boss, who when you beat you can then use their abilities. Unlike other games you can really choose which ever stage you want to try first, which is a nice touch. 

Between the levels you get great cut scenes which could come straight out of an animated film, really impressive cinematics.

As you progress through the game you will unlock various accessories, costumes, masks, helmets and so on, some border on the ridiculous and some are pretty standard.

Each level is timed, and you can compete on leaderboards for the best time.

Now on to the actual game play, at first, I found the game quite clunky and not really very intuitive, but once I got used to the controls, I soon found myself flying through the levels, the levels themselves a pretty straight forward, nothing too hard, and to be honest a bit too easy, the boss fights too are really easy and once you find the right routine for beating a boss you will do so with ease. The game really could do with a bit more intelligence for the bosses. It is very paint by numbers. You do get to power up your weapon and then unleash it at full power which is satisfying but you will find you will just save this for the boss fights.

The Good
The graphics and music are all great, if you have a decent graphics card the game looks great.

The Bad
You will complete the game pretty quick, and the leaderboards for times of the levels are just not enough to keep you coming back.

This is not Mega Man X, not be a long shot, and that's a shame, I wonder sometimes if instead of trying to be a spiritual successor to a classic game, if developers didn't just try to create new and original games instead.

I score the game 6/10

Review by Jon Donnis

Port Royale 4 receives massive content haul as developer deploys biggest ever update

Publisher Kalypso Media and developer Gaming Minds Studios today announced that seafaring trade simulator Port Royale 4 has just received its largest update yet. Available now to all Windows PC players (with consoles soon to come) the free update weighs in at just under 500 MB and adds a staggering number of improvements, fixes and new features - such as player-created nations, deadlier and more intense naval combat and a variety of game-altering events like prohibition and plagues of locusts - that dramatically improve the game and deepen the player's quest for booty and trade supremacy on the Caribbean. Those looking to check out Port Royale 4's enormous array of new features can pick up the game now at a rip-roaring 20% off as part of the Steam Autumn Sale.

With the new update, independence has arrived in Port Royale 4 and upon achieving certain conditions, players can now succeed from their parent nation (France, Spain, England or the Netherlands). Once independence has been declared, players can opt for a new name for their sovereignty, update their flag to something more their speed, and even take part in a heated war with their former ruler.

The update also introduces 'economic shocks' - optional in-game events which can have positive or negative outcomes and significantly impact how a player builds their trade empire. These can range from a plague of locusts, reducing the production of a player's grain and corn, to a sudden spike in alcohol demand due to a church's desire for a dry county.

Players will also now have to take extra care when engaging foes on the open seas and navigate deadly new hazards such as cliffs, sandbanks, carpets of algae and whirlpools - all of which can severely impact trade journeys and worse still, send a player, and all of his or her hard-earned booty, straight to Davy Jones.

Port Royale 4 is out now on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

25 Nov 2020

16-bit Platformer Super Catboy Announced for a Fall 2021 Launch on Windows PC and Mac

Super Catboy isn’t your typical Tomcat, no, not this fascinating feline! Accompanied by a deranged-yet-cute sidekick companion — a young girl armed to the teeth with more weapons than you can PSPSPSPS at — Super Catboy will venture far and wide to dismantle the shady plans of his evil creator so that he can go back to peace and without the threat of sinister anthropomorphic dogs.   

“Super Catboy combines elements of various platformers, run’n’gun, and beat’em up games, but offers unique variety with the inclusion of bonus levels that feature an alternative gameplay style,” said Arthur Eckmann, Co-Founder, Pixelpogo. “We were inspired by iconic games like Mega Man X, Metal Slug, Donkey Kong Country and the like, which have shaped the game designers we are today.” 

“We want to stay true to our roots while nodding at the present with Super Catboy,” said Thomas Flachs, Co-Founder, Pixelpogo. “It’s not just about that ’90s flair — we included graphics and gameplay mechanics that players are used to. We want it to be modern and comfortable.” 

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