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Thursday, 16 August 2018

ANOTHER SIGHT to launch on Steam on 6th September 2018

Milan, Italy – August 16th, 2018 — Lunar Great Wall, the Italian developer behind the much anticipated Another Sight, has today announced that Another Sight will be launching on Steam on 6th September 2018. To celebrate the announcement the developers have also released more screenshots and a brand-new trailer for the game.

The latest trailer can be viewed here:

Another Sight is available to wish list on Steam:

Marco Ponte, CEO and Founder of Lunar Great Wall commented: “Another Sight has truly been a labour of love for the team here at Lunar Great Wall. We’re now pleased to be able to share Hodge and Kit with the world and invite players to experience their journey with us.”

Another Sight is developed using Unreal Engine which has enabled Lunar Great Wall Studios realise their vision. Marco Ponte commented on using the Unreal Engine, saying “It is fantastic to have Another Sight powered with industry-leading engine. The reliability and completeness of the development suite provided with Unreal Engine allowed our developers to stay fully concentrated on gameplay and pursue our artistic vision for the project.”

Returning comment, Sjoerd De Jong from EPIC GAMES had the following to say on Another Sight incorporating the Unreal Engine “Unreal offers a complete suite of powerful tools which are designed to meet the needs of games developers across the world. It provides a solid foundation on which to build on allowing developers, such as Lunar Great Wall, to concentrate on creating award-winning stand-out games.”

ANOTHER SIGHT is a surreal fantasy adventure with steampunk elements set in London in 1899, towards the end of the Victorian era. With an emphasis on culture and character, ANOTHER SIGHT focuses on the emotional development of the relationship between its two protagonists, Kit, a refreshingly intrepid teenager, and Hodge – a mysterious red-furred cat.

They meet in the darkness of a London Underground construction site, after Kit loses her sight when the tunnel she had been exploring collapses. They team up for an adventure into the unexpected, with Hodge proving himself to be an indispensable companion, upon whom Kit will come to rely. Kit and Hodge explore a surreal fantasy world, both together and separately, each using their own unique talents to make their way through compelling environments, and to solve intriguing puzzles.

Beneath London, in a world inspired by Neil Gaiman’s urban fantasy, Neverwhere, Kit and Hodge encounter a hidden society made up of the world’s greatest inventors and finest artistic minds, including Claude Monet, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison and other historical cultural icons.

Another Sight Gameplay Features:

EMOTIVE DRIVEN – A story about a girl and her cat companion on a journey beyond sight and the real. A tale of warmth and intrigue is woven throughout the adventure, touching on trust, companionship and losing what we take for granted. Innovative gameplay and a story of heart is galvanized by a soundscape given life to by a symphonic orchestra to accent memorable moments between Kit, Hodge and the journey they’re on.

MASTERS OF THE PAST - Throughout the journey, Kit and Hodge will meet virtuoso artists such as Claude Monet and other cultural historical figures from the past, learning more about the world and dangers it presents. Each encounter visually impacts the world, taking on aesthetics of each creative movement from the famous characters Kit and Hodge meet.

STORY WOVEN GAMEPLAY – Use the unique abilities of each character to help Kit and Hodge traverse the world and overcome environmental challenges. Kit and Hodge can split up to investigate different areas of the locale that the other may not be able to reach, with both Kit and Hodge perceiving the world in very different ways, opening up different possibilities for overcoming their adventure.

Another Sight is launching on PC Steam on 6th September 2018 and will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch later in the year. The game can be viewed on Steam here:

Rigid Force Alpha launches onto Steam 31st August 2018

16th August, 2018 - Hannover, Germany – Today, indie developer com8com1 has announced the launch of its first title, Rigid Force Alpha, a retro shoot ‘em up action game which will be available on Steam from 31st August 2018 at price £15.49/$19.99 /€19.99.

Rigid Force Alpha breathes new life into the side-scrolling shooter genre with its hand-crafted 3D graphics, stunning environments, and detailed visual effects. Players can arm their fighters with numerous upgradeable weapons, increase their firepower with adjustable Force Shards and collect Energy Orbs to unleash extremely powerful blasts against an armada of enemies and huge bosses.

Marcel Rebenstorf, head of design and production commented: “Rigid Force Alpha has been a labour of love for the team at com8com1 since 2011 and is our first title. We are immensely proud to announce Rigid Force Alpha and unleash it to the world. Every stage of development, we asked ourselves, ‘can we make it better and can we make it more fun?; and we’re delighted with the result.”

Rigid Force Alpha couples an exciting story mode with a challenging arcade mode and has a vast number of features within the game, including:

Unique weapons and power-up systems
Vast amounts of different enemies, challenging mid-bosses and enormous end bosses
An exciting story mode with animated cutscenes
Additional Arcade and Boss Rush game modes for extended high score runs
Six different action-packed 3D stages
Adjustable difficulty level - for beginners to experienced players
Leaderboards and 40 achievements to unlock
Original synthwave soundtrack by DREAMTIME featuring Michael Chait

The Trailer is available to view here:

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise – Combat Trailer | PS4

Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise is coming to the West on October 2, 2018!

Lost Paradise is a high-intensity action-adventure RPG based within the world of the beloved Fist of the North Star manga.

Become the Fist of the North Star - Explore an alternate version of the Fist of the North Star canon; take control of Kenshiro as he searches for his lost love Yuria in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. For anyone unfamiliar with the original story, Lost Paradise can be enjoyed as a completely standalone experience.

Buy from Amazon by Clicking Here

State of Mind - Launch Trailer

Berlin, 2048 – The world is on the brink. Lack of resources, illnesses caused by polluted air and water, crime on the rise, war. Governments and companies promise remedies through technological progress. Drones and humanoid robots replace humans in the public sector, everything is interconnected, surveillance has become omnipresent.

The luddite organization “Breakpoint” opposes these developments. According to them, the transhumanist dreams of the rich and powerful will lead to a nightmarish dystopia: Two-class society, civil unrest, the end of biological humanity. “Breakpoint” is no longer content with being an underground hacker organization – they are armed and ready for an uprising.

What will the world look like after this storm, what will remain of humanity?

Monday, 13 August 2018

New trailer reveals that sci-fi adventure ‘Elea’ launches on 6th September

Rotterdam, The Netherlands - August 13, 2018 - The first episode of surreal sci-fi adventure Elea will launch into the galaxy on the 6th of September. Elea is coming to Xbox One and Steam® and is already available for pre-order on Xbox One.

Visit the Steam page:

Inspired by the classics
Kyodai, the developer of Elea, got the inspiration for the game’s narrative from the books of classic sci-fi writers such as Stanislaw Lem, Arthur C. Clarke and Frank Herbert. Being big fans of story-driven first-person games, they asked themselves at the early stages of development what innovation Elea could offer to the genre besides its unique and touching story.

They noticed that many first-person adventures offer just one main distinct location, with one specific visual style. Inspired by their love of old-school platformer games, they decided to take a completely different approach for Elea. In classic platformer games the environments can vary from a lava level to a snow level, followed by a jungle level for example. The developers wanted to give Elea this same incredible variety in surroundings, to make it feel like an enormous journey through time and space.

A rising star
Elea already launched into Early Access on Steam® at the end of April. SOEDESCO’s community manager Marten Buijsse states: ‘’Thanks to the community’s enthusiasm and help, we have been able to finish and fine-tune the game based on their wishes and good advice. We are now confident that we can present Elea in its best form for the full release on Xbox One and Steam’’.