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Wednesday, 13 February 2019

The First 19 Minutes of Far Cry New Dawn Gameplay

Set 17 years after the apocalyptic events of Far Cry 5, New Dawn has you step into a new role as you lead a group of survivors against the deadly Highwayman, led by the cruel twin sisters, Mickey and Lou.

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Metro Exodus Review

Metro Exodus reviewed by Tristan Ogilvie on Xbox One X.

The year is 2036. A quarter-century after nuclear war devastated the earth, a few thousand survivors still cling to existence beneath the ruins of Moscow, in the tunnels of the Metro. They have struggled against the poisoned elements, fought mutated beasts and paranormal horrors, and suffered the flames of civil war. But now, as Artyom, you must flee the Metro and lead a band of Spartan Rangers on an incredible, continent-spanning journey across post-apocalyptic Russia in search of a new life in the East.

Metro Exodus is an epic, story-driven first person shooter from 4A Games that blends deadly combat and stealth with exploration and survival horror in one of the most immersive game worlds ever created. Explore the Russian wilderness across vast, non-linear levels and follow a thrilling story-line that spans an entire year through spring, summer and autumn to the depths of nuclear winter.

Inspired by the novels of Dmitry Glukhovsky, Metro Exodus continues Artyom's story in the greatest Metro adventure yet.

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Evoland Legendary Edition - Release Trailer | PS4

Evoland Legendary Edition gathers two epic RPGs in one game!
In Evoland, the graphic Style and Gameplay changes as you progress through the game!

Embark in a journey through the history of action/adventure gaming, allowing you to unlock new technologies, gameplay systems and graphic updates!

Inspired by many cult series that have left their mark in the RPG video gaming culture, Evoland takes you from monochrome to full 3D graphics and from active time battles to real time boss fights, all with plenty of humor and references to many classic games!

REVIEW: Hyperide for Nintendo Switch

Review by Jon Donnis
Hyperide for Nintendo Switch is very much your arcade side scroller but with a twist, unlike classic games like R-Type this is not just a "hold your finger on the fire button" type game, instead the main flow of this game is avoid obstacles. Those can vary from asteroids to black holes.

Along the way you have the usual collectables that improve your ship, but you also have astronauts that you have to save, who are conveniently floating in your direction.

You can travel through worm holes to reach different parts of the universe. The game has 7 different void quadrants and 3 different game modes.

As you have come to expect from - Kool2Play, a studio from Warsaw, the sound track is impressive and the heavy beat trance style tunes help pump you up as you play.

The graphics are very good, and the ships you can choose from have taken inspiration from various sci-fi franchises, the most obvious one being Star Trek.

The game plays very well on the Switch, and the controls do seem almost perfectly made for the Switch.

The game may not be an all time classic, but if you are a fan of the side scrolling obstacle avoiding arcade game, then you should very much enjoy this, as I have done.

I gave this game a strong 8/10

You can get this game now from the Nintendo Store for only $1.99

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

The Sect of Metal runs amok in the new Season of Heavy Metal Machines

Florianopolis, Brazil - January 6, 2019 - Crazed religious fanatics are loose in Sect of Metal, a new Season that is available right now on the free-to-play car combat PC MOBA Heavy Metal Machines. The Season expands the game’s lore, bringing new insights into the machinations of the violent Sect of Metal religious order, as well as 90 new items, such as new skins for characters that have been “converted” to the sect: Rampage, Little Monster and Killer J.

This new chapter of Heavy Metal Machines now explores one of the richest and most popular facet in the game’s lore, and gave room for the art team to bolster the quality of the new assets, based largely on feedback from the game’s passionate community.

“We are also working on loads of new features based on the community’s feedback”, says Tatiana Moreira, Hoplon’s Head of Marketing and Publishing. “The community was the first to know about the theme of the Season 3 and already know a little bit about Season 4. Their approval is very important for us.”

Heavy Metal Machines came out of beta in September of last year, with the introduction of the Metal Pass progression systems and it‘s first Season, the gelid Road to Malmheim, which was followed by the lovecraftian horrors of Into the Abyss, before the arrival of Sect of Metal.

Why Heavy Metal Machines rocks
Free-to-play MOBA: 4v4 multiplayer car battle with a heavy metal theme.
A Legend Reborn: Narrated by Larry Huffman, of Rock ’n Roll Racing.
Choose your role from three main classes: Interceptor, Support, and Transporter.

Deadly Drivers: 15 playable characters with their own characteristics and backstories. From Little Monster, a child hell-bent on seeking revenge for the death of her father, to Dirt Devil, a pirate leader from the Wastelands who hunts the giant sandworm that cost him an arm and an eye.

Three Hellish Arenas: Temple of Sacrifice, Metal God Arena, and the Cursed Necropolis already available to play.

Just the Beginning: More content constantly updated and new characters, arenas and game modes on the way.

eSports Championships: Planned competitive tournaments featuring cash-prizes to fuel the game’s eSports scene.