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31 Mar 2014

Call of Duty: Ghosts Devastation Gameplay Trailer

Devastation is the second DLC Pack for Call of Duty®: Ghosts. Devastation brings four small to medium-sized Multiplayer maps: Ruins, Behemoth, Collision, and Unearthed -- which is a re-imagined version of Dome, the fan-favorite map from Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3.

Devastation also includes the "Ripper," a brand new tactical 2-in-1 weapon with the unique ability to switch from SMG to AR and back on the fly, in the middle of combat.

The Extinction saga picks up with Episode 2: Mayday. Following the events of Nightfall, players board an abandoned research vessel, in search of answers. Players will face two new alien foes - Seeders, and the 100ft tall "Kraken." This exciting new chapter comes packed with new weapon mods and paths to explore

Devastation arrives first, exclusively on Xbox Live on April 3rd, with other platforms to follow.

Transformers Universe Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Get your first look at gameplay and combat in Jagex's upcoming Transformers MMO.

30 Mar 2014

Final Boss - Dark Souls II - Walkthrough

Is this Final Boss giving you a hard time? Learn how to defeat Nashandra in this Dark Souls 2 walkthrough.

Watch Dogs Welcome To Chicago Trailer

Ubisoft prepares for the launch of its open world Chicago video game, Watch Dogs, with this Welcome to Chicago trailer.

Oddworld New N Tasty Preview Interview With Lorne Lanning

Oddworld Inhabitants founder Lorne Lanning explains what PS4 has opened up for the brand new remake of Oddworld Abe's Oddysey in this exclusive preview of Oddworld New N Tasty from GDC 2014.

29 Mar 2014

Mind Zero - Release Date Trailer

Mind Zero is an action-packed dungeon-crawler RPG for the PS Vita. Play as Kei, a high school student whose life turns upside down when he forms a contract with a "Mind," a weapon/being with deadly powers.

With the government and other forces trailing him and his friends, Kei will need to discover the secret behind "Mind." Will these newfound powers help him or ultimately be his doom?

Mind Zero is coming to PS Vita on May 27th.

Killer Instinct Fulgore Trailer

The highly anticipated cyborg knight returns to the Killer Instinct franchise to will unleash a bevy of signature moves on his enemies.

WarioWare, Inc. Mega Microgame$! - Wii U Virtual Console Trailer

The quirky game that kicked off the WarioWare series comes to Nintendo Wii U's Virtual Console download service.

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Review

Get our final verdict on how Blizzard's big expansion turned out.

Age of Wonders III Review

Age of Wonders 3 is the welcome return of a long-absent strategy series and a tactically rewarding game.

28 Mar 2014

Sonic: Lost World - The Legend of Zelda Zone Trailer

Available now to download for free on Wii U, Sonic will speed across the land wearing Link's iconic green tunic while the hero himself flies on his Loftwing from Skyward Sword.

Mario Golf: World Tour - Preview

Join Tom McShea as he tours the front nine in Mario Golf: World Tour for the 3DS.

Oculus Rift Elite Dangerous Preview Interview

Frontier founder David Braben previews the new Oculus Rift experience for the space shooter, Elite: Dangerous, in this exclusive interview from GDC 2014.

PlayStation Plus Free Games Lineup April 2014

PlayStation Plus membership includes free games with Instant Game Collection and online multiplayer on PS4 systems.* In April, PS Plus membership includes Mercenary Kings, Batman Arkham City, Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark, Castle of Illusions Starring Mickey Mouse, Velocity Ultra, Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD, and more!

27 Mar 2014

World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition Review

World of Tanks is a rare combination of hardcore attitude and pick-up-and-play accessibility that's as effective on the Xbox as it has been on the PC.

Mario Golf: World Tour - Item Shot Trailer

See all the tricky power-ups you can use to stay out of the drink in Mario Golf: World Tour.

Tropico 5 - Teaser Trailer

Captain Jack...Presidente?

Goat Simulator Launch Trailer

As with all games featuring goats, this trailer takes you on the emotional journey of one goats life.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Review

Carolyn explains how Reaper of Souls brings great new campaign content to Diablo III while also giving you tantalizing reasons to revisit the places you've already been.

Batman: Arkham Knight Interview

We talk to Rocksteady's Dax Ginn about the Batmobile, how they're sending this legendary series off with a bang, and the titular Arkham Knight himself.

25 Mar 2014

FEZ on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita - Official Launch Trailer

Fez is out today on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita! We hope that you will enjoy exploring the world of Fez for the first time, or that you'll perhaps revisit its puzzles and charming locales once again -- whether you prefer experiencing it on your home system with speakers blasting Disasterpeace's delicious generative soundscapes, or on your PS Vita with headphones during the daily commute.

Galactic Civilizations III -- First Gameplay Trailer

Dominate the skies as you tackle opponents on a hex-based grid in the latest entry for Galactic Civilizations.

Cabela's Big Game Hunter: Pro Hunts - Launch Trailer

Take your perfect shot with big game hunters Jim Shockey, Wade Middleton, and Vicki & Ralph Cianciarulo.

Trials Fusion - FMX Tricks Trailer

Check out the new FMX Tricks Trailer to get a better look at the brand new FMX tricks system in Trials Fusion.

Deception IV: Blood Ties - Launch Trailer

Deception IV: Blood Ties is now available for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

21 Mar 2014

News: Microsoft Discusses PS4 Sales and Titanfall Success

Microsoft has discussed the ongoing sales battle between PS4 and Xbox One, saying this console cycle is "a marathon, not a sprint".

Murdered: Soul Suspect - Buried Trailer

As Ronan digs deeper into the investigation of his own murder, both he and Joy realize Salem has been hiding a secret far darker than they ever anticipated.

Murdered: Soul Suspect challenges gamers to solve the hardest case of all... their own murder. Ronan O'Connor, a detective with the Salem police, has his life brought to a brutal end by a masked killer.

Caught in the purgatorial world of Dusk, he must combine his investigative skills with powerful supernatural abilities to uncover the shocking link between his own death and a series of killings terrifying the town of Salem. This supernatural detective thriller will be available June 2014 for PS4 and PS3.

Swords & Soliders II - Reveal Trailer

Sharpen your axe, grab a tankard o' mead, and light up the barbecue! Witness the very first in-game footage of the upcoming Swords & Soldiers II.

20 Mar 2014

RESOGUN Accolades Trailer

RESOGUN™ is an intense fast-paced shoot em' up developed exclusively for the PS4™ system. Unleash a diverse array of devastating weapons including lasers, missiles, overdrive, and nova-bombs to blast hordes of enemies and rescue the last survivors from distant galactic colonies that are under ruthless attack from an evil alien invasion force.

PS4 update will add HDCP off option, other requested features - GS News Update

Sony planning to introduce "most-requested features" through an upcoming PlayStation 4 system update; Twitch archives also in the works.

Sony's Project Morpheus vs Oculus Rift: How do they compare? - GS Breakdown

Peter got a chance to test Sony's new VR headset at GDC 2014. He compares it to Oculus and talks about the future of VR.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft - Review

Heavy strategy and a high degree of balance make Hearthstone a great card game.

Infamous Developer Tells the Origin Story of Second Son

Sucker Punch Productions recounts the development of its Infamous series and how their studio has grown.

2014 Independent Games Festival

See which of your favorite Independent game titles took home a win from the 2014 Independent Games Festival!

18 Mar 2014

Cloudbuilt - Launch Trailer

Cloudbuilt will be available on March 20, 2014 on PC.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes - Review

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes has a brief narrative, but its short length is bolstered by flexible side missions and exceptional replayability.

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z - Review

Kevin VanOrd cleaned his mouth out with soap to prepare for this video review of the clumsy and cockamamie Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z.

News: Microsoft Reveals What The Xbox One April Update Will Do

Microsoft has revealed what we should expect from the next Xbox One update, with an emphasis strongly placed on social features.

15 Mar 2014

Crazy Taxi: City Rush Teaser Trailer

Drive your passengers around and perform crazy stunts in this free Crazy Taxi mobile adventure.

MX2 Championship - MXGP: The Official Motocross Videogame

Check out The MX2 Championship which is one of two main classes in the FIM Motocross World Championship

First images of Amazon's game controller appear - GS News Update

The long-rumored console from Amazon has a standard-looking controller, which could indicate a hardcore gaming focus.

Microsoft Honesty & Wii U Outselling PS4? - IGN Daily Fix 03.14.14

Win a copy of Titanfall! Wii U Sales outpacing PlayStation 4's in Japan & Sony exec teases Microsoft over Xbox policy. Plus, Microsoft plans to be 'direct and honest' With fans.

Titanfall - Top 5 Kills (March 14th, 2014)

Prepare to laugh, cry, and be amazed in this week's Top 5 Titanfall Kills of the Week.

Swordsman - Announcement Trailer

Take a look at the announcement trailer for Swordsman, a free-to-play martial arts-inspired MMORPG based off the famed novels from Louis Cha.

Age of Wonders III: Theocrat Gameplay Trailer

Triumph Studios reveals the Age of Wonders III Theocrat Leader Class in one 19 minute Let's Play style Video!

13 Mar 2014

Infamous: Second Son - From Cole to Delsin: Creating the New Hero of Infamous

Developer Sucker Punch Production discusses the creative process behind switching heroes from Cole to Delsin in Infamous: Second Son.


Titanfall: Xbox One vs PC Graphics Comparison

Xbox One and PC go head-to-head in this graphics comparison.


Xbox One - Click for full size

PC - Click for full size

11 Mar 2014

Titanfall is 792p on Xbox One Like the Beta

Respawn Entertainment lead engineer confirms sub-1080p resolution featured in the beta also applies to the final version.


Towerfall Ascension Launch Trailer (PS4)

TowerFall Ascension is now available on PS4! Destroy your friends in this intense four-player archery combat platformer. A greatly refined and expanded new update for the surprise indie hit. Features new arenas, archers, powerups, and a brand new co-op quest mode!


6 Mar 2014

Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition (Wii U)

Check out the Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition. A copy of the game that comes with a special Spiny Shell Collector's Item! Take to the track on 30th May 2014!

Foul Play on PS4 and PS Vita

Foul Play is a theatre based beat 'em up where Victorian Daemonologist, Baron Dashforth, recreates his adventures for the stage; brawls and all!

No expense has been spared for the Baron's one night only spectacular show — this is a game that rewards performance over pummeling, as every strike and combo has to keep an eager audience entertained.

4 Mar 2014

MOGA Ace Power Trailer

Ultra Street Fighter IV - Select Trailer

Introducing Ultra Street Fighter IV's Edition Select Mode! Players can duke it out across history using their favorite version of any character, complete with their original balance! Create dream match-ups to determine who the strongest fighter really is!

News: PS4 Sales Pass 6 Million Following Japanese Launch

Sony has confirmed that PS4 sales have smashed through another milestone following the console's Japanese launch.

1 Mar 2014

Yoshi's New Island - Preview

Yoshi and Baby Mario are back again! Check out Tom's preview on this upcoming title for the 3DS.

Titanfall - Top 5 Kills (February 28th, 2014)

Prepare to laugh, cry, and be amazed in this week's Top 5 Titanfall Kills of the Week.

Classic Games - Pilotwings

Peter takes us back to the glory days of Super Nintendo to show off his pilot skills in Pilotwings!