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26 Nov 2014

GTA 5 - Cell Phone Cheats

We use the new cell phone cheats for flaming bullets, free parachutes and a Buzzard attack helicopter on a quick rampage in Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS4 / Xbox One.

KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.5 ReMIX -- Disney Worlds Connect Trailer | PS3

"Disney Worlds Connect" highlights what fans have always loved about the franchise -- following Sora and the colorful Disney cast as they encounter countless dangers and villains in worlds both familiar and brand-new. The worlds in KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.5 ReMIX include – Never Land (Peter Pan), Olympus Coliseum (Hercules), 100 Acre Wood (Winnie the Pooh), Pride Lands (The Lion King), Space Paranoids (Tron), Timeless River (Steamboat Willie), Deep Space (Lilo & Stitch), Port Royal (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl) and more.

18 Nov 2014

Google Nexus 6 Review

At nearly six inches, the Nexus 6 is a mighty new addition to Google's stock experience for Android (and a brand-new version of Android, at that) -- but is it too big?

LittleBigPlanet 3 Review

It's a super-sized LittleBigPlanet for a new console generation, but does it live up to its potential?

LittleBigPlanet 3 - Community Crafted Launch Trailer | PS4

Check out our official LittleBigPlanet 3 launch trailer, crafted with the help of the LittleBigPanet community!

Assassin's Creed Unity: Let's Play Co-op

Don't miss Upload's Let's Play co-op in Assassin's Creed: Unity

Halo 2 Gungoose Capture the Flag (Let's Play)

Watch the Upload team go head-to-head in a Halo 2 Gungoose Capture the Flag Let's Play!

11 Nov 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Review

With the entertaining and thematically rich Inquisition, the Dragon Age series returns to its former glory.

7 Nov 2014

Fight the Dragon - Teaser Trailer

Fight The Dragon is a user created hack and slash RPG where players can team up and tackle exciting adventures made by other users.

Building the Ultimate mATX SLI PC with Intel's 5960X and Nvidia's GTX 980 - Gametech

Got $4000 to blow an the ultimate gaming PC? Join us as we cram cutting edge PC hardware like an 5960X Haswell-E processor and SLI GTX 980s into a mATX chassis.