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31 May 2023

REVIEW: Railbound on Xbox

Review by Jon Donnis
For those of you who follow my reviews, you will know I love a simple little puzzle game, so when I was asked to review Railbound, I found myself optimistic in that I would enjoy this.

Railbound has been out on PC for a while, but is now getting its Xbox release, and that includes a "big free track bending update".

So, what is the game about, well it has trains in it, it has dogs in it and it is a puzzle game, so you can probably guess. Ok perhaps not. The concept is simple, you need to lay track, so that train carriages can connect to the train, and the train can then depart. It sounds so simple, and yes it starts off so simple, but as always with these types of puzzle games, they soon become very tricky and will have you pulling your hair out, right before you solve it and then do a little dance in your living room, followed usually by annoyance at how you didn't figure it out sooner.

The game gets harder when you realise you need to connect the train carriages to the train in a certain order, throw in tunnels, barriers that need to be opened, and a limited amount of tracks that can be laid, and suddenly you will need every single brain cell if you want to pass the level.

There are over 150 levels, lots of bonus levels, different landscapes to play on. The Xbox release, brings with it an extra 30 never before seen tracks and a lovely relaxing soundtrack, with all of this you have one very nice little puzzle game.

The Good
Frustrating but in a good way. The graphics are nice and clear, very colourful, and the music is really cool. There are loads of levels, the game plays well on the Xbox using a gamepad. If you do get stuck, there are plenty of walkthroughs online, but try to avoid them, you will figure it out eventually, you just need time and patience.

The Bad
The levels often have only a single way to solve them, which means everything has to be precision perfect, I found this a tad annoying, especially when stuck on a level.

Railbound really is a fun little puzzle game, ok maybe not the most original in the world, but that doesn't matter, it looks great, is fun to play, and offers a decent challenge to puzzle fans.

I score Railbound a strong 8/10

Out Now on Xbox at

27 May 2023

REVIEW: Poly Bridge 3 on PC (Steam) - Bridge Building Game

Review by Jon Donnis
There has been an endless stream of "Bridge Construction" type games in recent years, so the concept is not new, but Poly Bridge has gained quite a following as being one of the better examples of the genre.

The concept is a simple one, you build a bridge, and a vehicle drives across it and reaches a flag.

As you would expect things start out pretty simple, and progressively get harder. Start with a simple bridge, lay down the road first, then arrange the trusses and cables so the road can take the weight, once done, click on play, and the vehicle will try to cross, if the bridge is faulty, or cannot handle the weight, then it will collapse, and you have to start all over again. So planning is the key here.

You also have to keep an eye out for costs, weight of the bridge, and so on, all of these issues need to be taken into account as you try to stay within your budget, but also produce a safe useable bridge.

There are a few game options, the campaign being the one you will play the most, 100+ levels, over 12 different "worlds". Each level is harder than the previous, and before you know it you will be including jumps and hydraulics along with your bridge construction to complete the level,

There is also a Sandbox mode, which is all about creativity, with no restrictions. You can view other people's levels, as well as publish your own, which in theory means an almost limitless amount of gameplay, with leader boards and so on to compete with people all over the world. This is a fun mode which really does allow you to create some interesting levels, lots of decorative objects to include and create, as well as moving objects like air ships and planes to make the level look even more interesting.

This is a super simple concept, with a small download size too, it is nice to see an effort made to make what is arguably a crowded genre better, with some new and original ideas.

The Good
Nice simple graphics, a good learning curve, and an endless stream of user created content to play with.

The Bad
Unfortunately, as mentioned this is a very crowded genre, and it will be hard to stand out from the crowd. Many of these bridge building games are basically the same.

This is a fun if unoriginal game, effort has been made to add features not present in similar games. If you are a fan of bridge builder games, then this is a no brainer, you should add it to your collection. If you have never played such a game before, then this is one to check out for sure.

I score Poly Bridge 3 on PC a safe 7.5/10

Released on May 30th on Steam

20 May 2023

REVIEW: The Crown of Wu on Playstation

Review by Jon Donnis
The Crown of Wu is a thrilling third-person action-adventure, puzzle game from small 3 person Spanish studio Red Mountain, inspired by Chinese mythology.

The story of The Crown of Wu follows the exploits of Wu, a creature who is half-monkey and half-human. Once serving as the emperor's messenger, Wu's behavior turned chaotic after he began wearing a crown that granted him exceptional abilities. It seems that donning the crown corrupts the wearer's heart, as Wu's misdeeds and brutalities ultimately resulted in his capture and punishment: being frozen in a bio-static solution. 

After spending many years in a near-conscious, immobile state, Wu eventually breaks free from his confinement and discovers a world in decline. To make matters worse, his crown has been stolen and is being employed to create a vibration that will culminate in a massive explosion, threatening the extinction of all life. In order to save the world and redeem himself, Wu must retrieve his stolen crown and assist those whom he previously punished. His ultimate goal is to achieve peace.

Here are some of the features:
The game world - Immerse yourself in a great land that is both ancient and new. Inspired by Chinese mythology and created to tell a new story of Sun's journey from anti-hero to hero, this is a world where legend meets reality.

Attributes and abilities - Harness the powers of air, fire, earth and lightning. Each of your powers gives you a way to work with the environment or against your enemies. Attack with Air, Fire and Lightning. Defend with Earth. Summon your powers to defeat enemies and cross dangerous chasms.

Combat System - Discover a fresh and simple combat system that grants you incremental powers as you travel through this terrible land to solve the mystery of the stolen Crown. Get ready to jump, run and parkour your way through this new world as you solve intricate puzzles and overcome increasingly complex trials as you progress through the levels.

I have been playing The Crown of Wu for a few days now, and considering it was created by such a small studio, I was very impressed at the detail that has gone into this game.

There are vast areas to explore, as well as some very challenging enemies to overcome.

You can run, jump and parkour your way across the levels while solving puzzles and fighting enemies. As you progress through the game you will unlock new powers that will help you. You will first unlock an Air attack, but later on you can also attack with Fire and Lightning and defend with Earth powers.

The Good
The general feel of the game is very good, the voice acting, the music, the look of the game itself. I liked the method of healing yourself after or even during a fight, attack some conveniently placed crystals, then use the power from them to heal, all the while keeping an eye out for your enemy. The boss fights were well designed. And even on the easiest settings, the game offered a decent challenge.

There is a good story being told, which is inspired by Journey to the West, a classic Chinese novel about the Monkey King, Sun Wukong.

Also a special shout out to the awesome soundtrack, that you can buy now on Amazon at

The Bad
As mentioned above the game is challenging, even on the easiest setting, and that might put some people off.

This is a very enjoyable game, very old school in its feel.

Definitely worth checking out. I score The Crown of Wu a solid 8/10

The Crown of Wu is now available digitally on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam, with the Xbox digital version coming soon.

Buy now at

The Crown of Wu - Legend Edition for PlayStation 5 will include a set of stunning art postcards and an introduction letter from the protagonist, Wu, all packaged in a specially designed case with exclusive game artwork and be available across European retail stores.

15 May 2023

REVIEW: ONI: Road to be the Mightiest Oni on PC (Steam)

Review by Jon Donnis
ONI: Road to be the Mightiest Oni feels like it should be Early Access, but I cant see any note of that on the Steam page, therefore I will have to treat it as a final release.

Created by a team of 5 developers, over 2 years, the game has been designed to give the plaer the feel that they have jumped into the pages of a childhood picture book. You play on Kisejima Island, a relatively small area.

You play as demon warrior Kuuta, and later on as his partner Kazemaru, gameplay mainly consists of exploring the area, collecting items and challenging the phantoms of demons that appear across the island. As you defeat your enemies and collect their souls, you will unlock new areas to play in. Eventually you will need to defeat the evil monster Momotaro.

You fight against the demons by attacking them with your club, once defeated you switch to Kazemaru who then sucks the spirit out of the demon's body, and boom you just defeated a demon. You can even control both characters at the same time using joysticks on a gamepad.

Collect mushrooms, and pieces of paper, upgrade your club, take part in missions, and so on.

In game artwork is by Kensei Design, and everything looks very nice. There is also some pretty catchy songs playing as you play.

So how does the game play? And I hate to do this, but I have to be honest, at the start of this review I mentioned about how it feels like it should be Early Access, that is because at its core the game is broken. Control is a nightmare, fights are far from intuitive, just moving the character about feels difficult, you will get stuck just walking up a hill. The fights themselves are actually the only thing that seems to work ok, but when you need to run away from an enemy, that control issues makes it so frustratingly bad.

The frame rate is also a problem, optimisation is very poor, for what is a small download, it should work so much better.
When you don't move everything looks great. 

There is great potential here, I like the general look of the game, the soundtrack, and the idea, but it is just so poorly finished off, that it is nowhere near ready to be released, even as Early Access I would say this isn't ready.

I hate to speak badly about an Indie Game, but this is just not ready for release, and at £24.99 on Steam, that price is ridiculously high.

The Good
Graphics and general aesthetics are very good, the soundtrack is also of a high quality.

The Bad
The gameplay, the optimisation, the controls, pretty much everything else.

For such a nice looking game, I am left incredibly disappointed in this, I would expect that they will fix the bugs, release updates etc, but I fear that many people will be put off before the game is anywhere near an acceptable finished article. This game is a long way from being release ready.

I wont give ONI: Road to be the Mightiest Oni on PC a score, as I dont like to kick someone when they are down, and the reviews on Steam are horrific.

I wish the developers all the best on this, and I hope after a year or so, if they stick with it, listen to the complaints and improve this game, then get in contact with me again and I will give the game a fresh review.

If you want to check it out you can at 

12 May 2023

REVIEW: Final Apex - Xbox

Review by Jon Donnis
Back once again with a brand-new review, this time for futuristic racing game Final Apex. First let's accept that the developers made a monumental mistake with the name of the game, not because Final Apex is a bad name or anything, I like the name, but when there is a big budget game out there called Apex Legends, who are paying search engines millions to put their game at the top of any search result for anything using the word "Apex" then you have a problem.

Despite the poor name choice, Final Apex is actually a fun little arcade racer. This is all game and no messing about, it reminds me very much of the kind of arcade game you might find in an airport arcade. You sit down, put your coin in, click start and within seconds you are racing away. Except here there are no coins to put in.

Once the game loads up you have three choices. Career, Series or Test Drive.

Since Test Drive is obvious, we will ignore that one for now.

Career mode has you choosing a track, then you choose your vehicle, the cars colour, and then away you go. In career mode, races have a running start. Try to finish the race as high up the pack as you can, and with as fast a time as you can. When you have completed the race, you can choose the next one. Tracks and Cars are locked until you have enough points. There are 7 cars in total to drive, and a huge 70 tracks to race on.

In series mode, you complete in a "season" of races, so season one is 10 races, and each race earns you points on a league board. Races in this mode start with a random selection of grid position, and then a standing start.

Both these modes are fun to play, and will keep you busy for a fair amount of time.

Onto the gameplay itself, whenever I play an Indie Racing Game, I always fear that they will get the basics of the game wrong, that being the handling of the car, so I was pleasantly surprised how much fun this game is and how much fun it is to race the car. Handling is a joy, skidding round corners is a lot of fun, the game feels super-fast, everything handles well. Now there are some issues, go slightly off track and you are punished a lot with the car slowing down, I think this needs changing, as we all like to cut corners a bit, but just slightly off track and you are punished. The cars themselves are basically indestructible which is fine in an arcade racer, however collisions with other cars feels terrible and not at all natural. Again, I can forgive that as this is a racer, but collision in a racing game is an important thing, and I think that you either have magnificent crashes, or you don't. And I think this game misses a trick here.

I understand the game is set in the near future, and the graphics themselves are decent, but everything feels a bit dark. Maybe this is on purpose, but I would have liked a bit more colour and brightness in the game. Oh, and the music is terrible, feels like something lifted out of the 1990s.

So yes I do have some complaints about the game, but the single most important factor of an arcade racer is if it is fun to play, and damn Final Apex is a fun game to play, it is truly a pick up and play game, controls are simple and straight forward, steer, accelerate and brake, and that's it, that is all that is needed too. I never felt like it was missing anything in the handling or driving aspects.

The Good
This is a FUN game to play, simple as that. It might not have a lot of depth of options, but it really doesn't need them. It is a racing game that is fun to play. That is a massive win for me!

The Bad
Crappy music, so turn that off, problem solved. Not keep on collisions, or putting a wheel offroad slowing you down.

It is easy to pick holes in Indie Racing Games like this, and I have picked a few, but the most important thing is that this game is fun, and I will keep playing it, that is all that matters, and as such I will score Final Apex a solid 8/10.

Out Now on Xbox

9 May 2023

REVIEW: Dogfight: A Sausage Bomber Story on Nintendo Switch

Review by Jon Donnis
If you follow my reviews, then you will know I love me a retro style action shooter, and boy do we have a great little game in Dogfight: A Sausage Bomber Story on Nintendo Switch.

You play as a member of the Sausage Bomber Corps, your job is a simple one, defeat wave after wave of enemy fighters, and then destroy the boss, before you can progress to the next level. Action comes by way of a classic side scrolling adventure, as you control your little plane against seemingly unsurmountable odds that come from Vega Nation.

The game is non stop action, with some great humour thrown in between levels. The graphics are outstanding and of the cartoon variety.

As mentioned the game is a side scrolling action shooter, you will collect power ups, to make your weapons more powerful, you can also drop bombs as you are flying. A nice touch is the ability to switch the direction of the plane, so that you can defend yourself better from attacks coming from behind.

Super easy to pick up and play, hectic levels that never become confusing. Cracking sound track and all round good fun, multiplayer is also available, but alas I never had chance to try that.
The Good
Everthing looks and sound great, a proper old school shooter that is all about fun. The gamne plays well on a Nintendo Switch Lite, the small screen handles the game perfectly. The speed run counter is a nice touch.

The Bad
I'd kind of like an adult mode of the game, allowing you to blow escaped pilots to smithereens!

Fun little shooter, perfect for fans of the genre. Check it out!

I score Dogfight: A Sausage Bomber Story on Nintendo Switch a solid 8.5/10

Out Now on Nintendo Switch

Also available on Xbox Series S/X. PlayStation 4 (playable on PS5), and PC (Steam + Epic Games Store) priced at $18 / €18.

5 May 2023

REVIEW: Death or Treat on PC (Steam)

Review by Jon Donnis
I do enjoy a good hack 'n' slash platform game, so when I was invited to review Death or Treat, I was definitely looking forward to the experience.

Let's first check out the official blurb for the game.

"Join Scary in the HallowVerse to make things great again!

You will play as Scary, the owner of Ghost Mart, the leader in manufacturing candies for Halloween.

Discover a huge world with lots of rooms, explore new maps in every run while you try to survive the hordes of enemies. It's not an easy task; every world is even trickier than the other. Starting with Darkchat, the Storyum lab, Riptok, the most used app sede, Deviltube, leaders distributing storyum, and last but not least, FaceBoo!, the ultimate epic frontier.

Will you overcome the challenge and dare to defeat Clark Fackerberg?"

Now why they are releasing a Halloween-themed game in May seems a bit strange, and I am sure there is some marketing genius at Saona Studios who thought it was a good idea, anyway only time will tell. If it is a success, maybe Saona Studios will release their next Christmas-themed game in July?

The first thing you will notice about Death or Treat is the super high quality of the animation, the cartoon introductions, and in-game graphics. You play as a little ghost character called Scary; you run a little candy shop, but big business is moving in and taking away your customers, so you have decided to stand up and fight.

General gameplay is your straightforward platforming hack 'n' slash. As you play, you will collect candies that act as currency in the game; these can be used to purchase upgrades, buy weapons, etc. And death of Scary is part of the evolution of the character, as that is when you can level up.

Fighting is pretty simple, fast attack, heavy attack, or ranged attack. Just watch the trailer, and you will get the idea.

There are plenty of "hidden treasures" to find, which will unlock new weapons and skills, and the level design is pretty decent. As you move through "HallowTown," you can use candies to unlock previously closed-down shops, which in turn allows you to purchase new upgrades, craft magic spells, or create new weapons.

The game looks great, gameplay is simple but challenging. A nice little platforming hack 'n' slash.

The Good
Gorgeous graphics and animations, truly the highest quality. The game is easy to pick up and play; there is a nice learning curve, and although challenging at times, the more you play, the better you get. Each level feels original and different from the previous one. I also enjoy the parodies of companies like Netflix (Deathflix) and how there is a moral story here about how big tech and big business are destroying the classic small business that countries like my own were built off the back of.

The Bad
I wasn't a fan of some of the sound effects, and I thought the music could have been better. But to be fair, I rarely listen to in-game sounds when I play video games anyway.

A fun little game, that looks and plays great. 

I score Death or Treat on PC a decent 8/10

Death or Treat will be coming out on May 11th for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X/S.

2 May 2023

REVIEW: Togges on Nintendo Switch

Review by Jon Donnis
Togges is advertised as "a game unlike anything you've ever seen!", and to be fair, it is pretty unique, whether that is a good thing or a bad thing you will have to read on to find out.

This is a 3D platformer, but you control what I can only describe as a robot vacuum of sorts. You can suck up and spread cubes, (Togges) which in turn will help you solve environmental puzzles. You are tasked with helping the King President to save the Universe from the threat of The Void.

Even though your vacuum (yes I am calling it that) can move around freely and even jump, to stack Togges you need to have a start point, this start point then allows you to spread cubes either horizontall or vertically. You have a set amount of Togges. Now why would you need to spread Togges? Well early on you are tasked with collecting fruit, but to collect fruit you need to place some Togges on the top of the fruit, so you need to spread a line of Togges to reach the fruit before you can collect it. And of course the fruit aren't going to be in an easy to find location, this is where the environmental puzzle element comes in.

Now after the first tutorial, you will start your first world of sorts. Now this game is rather heavy on the text dialog, too heavy, and because of that, you will find yourself skipping through things just so you can start to play the game, this is a problem, as you will inevitably miss an important instruction, as I did.

I assumed that to reach the next level, you would need to build some kind of bridge, or find a way to jump to it, since you can see it not too far away. But instead you needed to collect all 5 fruits which in turn opened a doorway that would warp you there. I assumed I had collected all of the fruits, but of the 5 I had only actually caught 4, so I then spent way too much time going round in circles, trying whatever I could to progress but without success. Eventually I resorted to a walkthrough on Youtube and I realised my mistake. While playing you will discover the ability to change the colour of the Togges, which in turn gives them different abilities, for example the red togges can only stack 5 high vertically, where as the yellow ones can stack 7, but each Togge costs double that of the red ones. And the final fruit could only be collected using a yellow Togges. Now I am sure this was in the seemingly endless instructions, and I missed them, but I just wanted to play!

So once I figured that out, I was able to progress and finally started to enjoy what was up unil them a rather frustrating game.

There are loads of levels/worlds to play through, the graphics are excellent, even on a small Nintendo Switch Lite screen. There are lots of things to collect, loads of places to explore and secrets to uncover. There are characters to interact with and stories to understand. And most importantly as you unlock new Togge varieties, lots of new skills and interactions to enjoy.

The Good
A beautiful game, with a new gameplay mechanic. Once you get used to the controls the game is fun to play and offers a decent challenge, both in a platforming manner but also in a puzzle sense.

The Bad
The game is way too complicated at first, too many instructions, too much dialog, and you are thrown into the deep end pretty much straight away, the learning curve is too steep, and the balance is off at first. Get past the first proper world and you will be flying though, so try not to let it put you off.

Despite the issues mentioned above, this is a fun game, it looks great and despite the at times fiddly controls, this offers up a really impressive amount of gameplay and challenge.

I score Togges on Nintendo Switch a solid 7.5/10

Out Now on Nintendo Switch