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8 Jan 2023

Our Statement on Limited Run Games


By Jon Donnis

As many of you will know, the video game industry has become rather toxic in recent years, especially towards women, so when I saw that Limited Run Games, a company founded in 2015 by Josh Fairhurst and Douglas Bogart and run out of Apex, North Carolina, had fired a woman due to a "thoughtcrime", I was disappointed, if not surprised.

I wont name who was fired, as she is already receiving enough abuse as it is. So what was the crime she committed that was so abhorrent, that she was fired from her job, her career left in tatters, and her reputation destroyed? Well, she followed a few people on Twitter that the bosses at Limited Run Games did not approve of.

Yes folks, that's it. She never tweeted anything offensive, she never upset anyone. She literally did nothing wrong. Yet because she followed a Gay Asian Journalist, who exposes political violence and also an account run by a woman, that brings attention to pedophiles and sexual offenders, she was fired.

It seems strange to fire someone who follows such people, who are clearly doing good work in the world of journalism, and you can make up your own mind as to why Limited Run Games would be against such people. 

The very people these two accounts expose often go through the follower lists of these journalists, and try to find anyone who is either high profile, or has their work information in their bio. They then gather tens of activists to create as much noise as possible, they tell lies, they make accusations, and the end result is that the innocent person, who just takes an interest in said journalist, has their lives ruined, by the cowards who employ them, who in their own desperation to seem "woke" and "inclusive" will fire people simply for a thoughtcrime.

As you can imagine there is quite the backlash on Limited Run Games, and rightly so. They have now turned off comments for their posts on Twitter and Facebook, as they were getting so many replies from people, genuinely upset that the would ruin a young woman's career.

Now we are just a small website on the internet, we cant really do much more than bring attention to this. But, what we can do is refuse to cover any game that is associated with Limited Run Games going forward, we will not review them, promote them, or work with any independent games company that uses Limited Run Games.

I do not on principle agree with cancel culture, but sometimes there is no other choice, and you have to fight fire with fire. So as of this moment, as far as we are concerned, Limited Run Games are cancelled, due to them firing a woman for a thoughtcrime.

"Thoughtcrime – crimethink in Newspeak – is one of the most terrifying of Orwell’s conceits in 1984, where even thinking in opposition to the regime is a treacherous offence. 60 years after the novel was written, and 25 years after the year in which it was set, is thoughtcrime a reality? Are there certain thoughts and beliefs which should be punished? How should society deal with those who thoughts go beyond accepted political and social norms? And what does it feel like to think the unthinkable, controversial and uncomfortable?"

A sample list of some of the games we have covered, that use Limited Run Games.
BPM: Bullets Per Minute

Deliver Us The Moon

Arcade Paradise

Martha Is Dead

The Falconeer

Victor Vran

I was tempted to remove all coverage of these games in protest, but I think that would be unfair, so I have left them on the site for now. But I would encourage the makers of these games to rethink their relationship with Limited Run Games moving forward.

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