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7 Feb 2019

REVIEW: Hyperide for Nintendo Switch

Review by Jon Donnis
Hyperide for Nintendo Switch is very much your arcade side scroller but with a twist, unlike classic games like R-Type this is not just a "hold your finger on the fire button" type game, instead the main flow of this game is avoid obstacles. Those can vary from asteroids to black holes.

Along the way you have the usual collectables that improve your ship, but you also have astronauts that you have to save, who are conveniently floating in your direction.

You can travel through worm holes to reach different parts of the universe. The game has 7 different void quadrants and 3 different game modes.

As you have come to expect from - Kool2Play, a studio from Warsaw, the sound track is impressive and the heavy beat trance style tunes help pump you up as you play.

The graphics are very good, and the ships you can choose from have taken inspiration from various sci-fi franchises, the most obvious one being Star Trek.

The game plays very well on the Switch, and the controls do seem almost perfectly made for the Switch.

The game may not be an all time classic, but if you are a fan of the side scrolling obstacle avoiding arcade game, then you should very much enjoy this, as I have done.

I gave this game a strong 8/10

You can get this game now from the Nintendo Store for only $1.99

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