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24 Jun 2021

REVIEW: Lambs on the Road: The beginning on PC Steam

Review by Staff
Lambs on the road: The Beginning, is "episode 1" of a new adventure survival platform game from Flynn's Arcade.

You play as a character called John in a post-apocalyptic world, who is searching for his daughter Mary.

Inspired by the bestseller "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy.

Lambs on the Road is a side scrolling platformer at its base, get from point A to point B without getting killed. Along the way you will need to avoid people that want to kill you, as well as solve puzzles that help you progress.

The Beginning as mentioned earlier is episode 1 of the game, and if the game does well, the game makers have promised to create more episodes and develop the story further.

Graphically the game has its own style, everything looks crisp, the animations are fine for what it is, the sound effects are also fine. No complaints there.
The puzzle elements of the game include things like powering on an elevator shaft, or working a machine to drop a car on some people who want to kill you. Pretty standard stuff.

You will complete Episode 1 relatively quickly, the game is not that hard, although some of the "puzzles" can be a bit tricky, and if you do die, you can try again easy enough.

The Good
The game plays and looks good, it is easy to pick up, and it is pretty clear what you need to do and where you need to go.

The Bad
A complaint I took direct to the game makers was that an early puzzle in the game tended to rely purely on trial and error, as opposed to actually figuring something out, there was no actual clues, or hints as to what you needed to do, this I pointed out, meant it wasn't actually a puzzle, but we agreed to disagree. I personally prefer puzzles to be more than trial and error.

The game comes in at a cheap price for episode 1 at just a few pounds/euros. I enjoyed the game despite my slight moan, and I hope they will release more episodes and develop the story. 

I score Lambs on the Road: The beginning a solid 7/10

Review by Staff

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