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14 Feb 2022

REVIEW: Wordle on PC (Steam)

Review by Staff
This is more of a "heads up" than a review.
You have all by now heard of a game called Wordle, and people posting weird green and white squares on their facebook profiles.

Some of you will be wondering what this is, and might go and search for Wordle.

However, if you do that on Steam, the top answer is a game called Wordle which was released in April 2021, costs £1.79. Seems legit.

Well yes and no. This is Wordle, but it is NOT the Wordle all your friends are playing. That is a free mobile game. The issue here is that THIS Wordle was released first, so it is not fair to say this game ripped off the more famous Wordle. But it did do something a bit dodgy. You see this game is what is known as an Asset Flip. There is a site where you can buy the base of a game, you then add your own title, graphics, improve it and so on, and that is perfectly fine, however sometimes lazy people just buy the base game, change the name and that's it. Put it on Steam and hope enough gullible people will buy it and they make a profit.

So, with that known, you can understand why people might be a bit annoyed. Firstly, it is not the game they were looking for, and secondly it is a cheap rip off.

However, with all of that said, the game itself is perfectly fine, it is a simple Wordle game, find words, trace with your mouse cursor to spell the words. Lots of categories, harder and harder levels.

There are 10 categories: Animals, Beach, Outdoor, Recreation, Computers, Monsters, Art, Science, Meal, Family, Sport.

I am in a bit of a quandary here. The game is perfectly fine, its just not the game I was looking for, and it is an asset flip.

As such I wont give it a score. I will just leave it as is, and this as a warning so you know what you are getting.

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