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3 Mar 2021

PREVIEW: Early Access version of Ultimate ADOM: Caverns of Chaos

Preview by Jon Donnis
I got my hands on a copy of the Early Access version of Ultimate ADOM: Caverns of Chaos. A sequel to a game called ADOM (Ancient Domains of Mystery) that was released back in 1994. ADOM is wat is known as a "Roguelike" game, a subgenre of the RPG game that usually finds itself in a dungeon as you crawl through procedurally generated levels, turn-based gameplay, tile-based graphics, and permanent death of the player character. Ultimate ADOM brings that concept to 2021.

The idea of such a game is that it should have unlimited re-playability, since the levels are different every time you start a game. You will face an endless amount of monsters, you will craft items, explore and improve your skills.

Here is a quick look at the Synopsis
"Evil has been vanquished. Peace has returned to Ancardia, and the peasants dare to dream once more of prosperity. Seven very different factions vie for control over the cataclysmic aftermath left behind by Andor Drakon's defeat. And somewhere, deep down in an inhospitable cave, ChAoS is stirring again.

Pick up your blade, prepare your spells, check your daggers and ready your bow, for you are about to enter the ominous Caverns of Chaos. Choose your allegiance carefully, for you are nothing more than an expendable asset to the masters you choose.

Fight for a mercenary's glory and purse, for the justice of a folk in decline, for the light of purity or even for ChAoS itself. Every choice you make will determine how you approach the ever-changing Caverns of Chaos before you."

As you play you will soon realise that everything can be interacted with, whether that is breaking through a solid wall, pushing coffins to reveal all sorts, smash through doors, turn doors into monsters who may then serve you. And so on.

There are plenty of different characters, classes, genders, races and so on to choose from. Magic to learn and master, spells to cast and hundreds of skills to unlock.

As first mentioned, this game is an early access version, so in its present state it feels quite empty, but with that said the game makers are very clear in their objectives, and they want and need feedback as a way to help the game grow and improve.

The game is a long way from being finished, but it has potential, whether that potential is fulfilled, only time will tell.

If you are old enough to have played and enjoyed the original, then I think you should check this game out, and even help it grow by being a part of the community.

If, however, you never played the original, and are perhaps not aware of the term "Roguelike" then you might want to wait until the game is finished.

For now, it looks promising. Good graphics, simple game mechanics. Could be something special.

Preview by Jon Donnis

Available on Steam

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