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11 Aug 2023

REVIEW: Adore - Xbox

Review by Jon Donnis
Gamers everywhere, prepare yourselves for an interesting journey into the realm of Gaterdrik with "Adore," an immersive Action Creature Collecting game out now on Xbox. Developed with innovation and player customization in mind, Adore offers quite a unique experience where players step into the shoes of Lukha, an apprentice adorer, on a quest to summon, control, and master a diverse array of creatures to combat the curse that has befallen the world.

Adore introduces a new time of gameplay mechanic that revolves around summoning and controlling creatures to fight alongside the main character, Lukha. This distinctive feature sets the game apart from conventional action games.

The heart of Adore lies in the remarkable depth of creature customization. Each creature comes with distinct characteristics and abilities, allowing players to tailor their approach to match their preferred style. The game offers a range of options, from fierce attackers to cunning strategists, enabling players to curate a team that resonates with their tactical inclinations.

The Synergy System is a pivotal aspect of Adore's gameplay. Creatures in your arsenal can work harmoniously together, forming synergies that unlock additional abilities or modify the behaviour of individual creatures. This encourages players to experiment with various combinations, uncovering synergies that can turn the tide of battle in their favour.

To enhance the individuality of each creature, Adore introduces a captivating expedition mechanic. By seeking out statues of Draknar, the god of creatures, players can bestow their creatures with traits that make them stand out. This adds a layer of depth to creature collection, as traits have the potential to dramatically alter how a creature performs in combat.

Every creature possesses a special ability that becomes available once their energy bar is fully charged. Mastering the strategic use of these abilities can be a game-changer in battles, but choosing the right moment to unleash them is crucial. It adds an element of anticipation and planning to the combat experience.

Adore is not just about summoning creatures and battling foes; it's about mastering the art of being an adorer. To succeed, players must delve deep into the intricacies of their creatures. This involves understanding when to summon each creature, positioning them effectively, recalling them strategically, and optimizing artifact and rune usage. The journey toward becoming a true adorer is quite challenging.

The inclusion of Runes and Artifacts adds another layer of strategy to Adore. Players can equip and upgrade these items to complement their creature team's qualities. Selecting the right combination of Runes and Artifacts can make the difference between victory and defeat.

Adore surprises players with a unique cooking mechanic. Gathering ingredients during your adventures and crafting specialized dishes can provide substantial advantages to both you and your creatures during battles. This ingenious addition intertwines exploration and preparation, further enriching the gaming experience.

The narrative of Adore is as interesting as its gameplay mechanics. Lukha's journey to revive Draknar unveils not only the secrets of the world of Gaterdrik but also exposes a web of conspiracy that led to Draknar's demise. This gripping storyline adds emotional depth to the gameplay, keeping players invested in the outcome of Lukha's mission.

The Good
Nice clean graphics, and a pretty original gameplay mechanic makes this game stand out. I liked the ability to teleport around the map, which helps save time. And when you use one of your collected creatures you use an arrow to direct them, and then they just attack away. To capture an enemy, you need to face it in a certain direction, while holding down a button, if done for long enough you collect that creature and they become yours to use. Everything felt very original to me, which is a rare occurrence these days.

The soundtrack is really nice, and compliments the game well.

The Bad
There is one problem with this game, and that is that sometimes you just want to go hack and slash at the baddies, and you can't, as that is not the game, this is frustrating, as you will find yourself running away while you hope your creatures will get the job done for you, it takes away a slight feeling of accomplishment when defeating an enemy.

Some of the maps feel a bit samey, the tutorial needs improving as some mechanics of the game you will just need to figure out for yourself.

"Adore" offers Xbox gamers a pretty original experience that seamlessly blends action, strategy, and creature collecting into an immersive gameplay adventure. With its innovative creature summoning mechanics, the depth of customization, and the strategic elements that come into play, Adore invites players to embark on a journey that challenges their tactical prowess, creativity, and strategic foresight. Prepare to become a true adorer and unlock the potential of creatures as you unravel the mysteries of Gaterdrik and work towards the restoration of balance in a world plagued by a sinister curse.

I score Adore an original 7.5/10

Out now on Xbox

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