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31 Oct 2023

REVIEW: My Cubes on PC - "A Towering Challenge of Creativity"

Review by Jon Donnis
"My Cubes," developed by BloodAlibi, is a refreshing take on the indie gaming scene, offering players a unique platforming experience that demands both creativity and perseverance. In this first-person adventure, you'll tackle the challenge of reaching a high point using only two cubes, with the ability to position and reposition them in mid-air to craft your path to the top.

Gameplay: My Cubes introduces a distinctive and satisfying gameplay mechanic that tests your wits and agility. The goal is clear: reach the summit with just two cubes. What might sound simple becomes a complex exercise in spatial reasoning as you manipulate these cubes to create platforms to reach the next safe point. The addition of checkpoints ensures that players can recover from setbacks, preventing frustration and maintaining an enjoyable experience.

Controls: The game's primary flaw lies in its control scheme. While the mouse and keyboard setup is functional, it can be a bit finicky, making precise cube placement a challenge. It's worth noting that My Cubes lacks full gamepad support, which is unfortunate, as the gameplay would really suit a gamepad. Furthermore, there doesn't appear to be a way to rotate the cubes, which, while not a critical gameplay element, could enhance the overall aesthetics and flexibility, when jumping onto a placed cube, I never quite felt like I was on the cube.

Graphics: My Cubes may be simple in design, but it successfully maintains a clean and visually appealing aesthetic. The graphics are well-suited to the game's straightforward concept, and the games architecture feels suitably simple as you progress. While it may not be a graphical powerhouse, the minimalist approach adds to the game's charm, and that also means a nice small download size.

Challenge and Replayability: The game offers an intriguing challenge, and the integrated speed run counter provides a significant incentive for replay-ability. Whether you're aiming to conquer your previous record or simply looking for new ways to tackle the tower, My Cubes has the potential to keep players engaged and determined to improve their skills. Speedrun listed on

Conclusion: "My Cubes" by BloodAlibi is a worthy addition to the indie gaming landscape, offering a unique and engaging if short experience. While it may have its control quirks and some room for improvement, the game's creativity and challenge make it a fun title in its genre. With its straightforward graphics and enticing gameplay, it's a solid choice for speedrun enthusiasts looking for something a bit different.

My final score for "My Cubes" on PC is a fair 7 out of 10, reflecting its distinctive charm and engaging gameplay, despite some control limitations.

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