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6 Dec 2021

REVIEW: Creepy Tale on Nintendo Switch

Review by Staff
Creepy Tale is a 2D puzzle game for Nintendo Switch, and it is quite different to anything I have played before.

You start the game off walking through the forest with your brother, before you know it, your brother has been kidnapped by some weird creatures, and it is your job to find and save him, and become the hero. But watch out, if you get caught by any of the strange creatures that inhabit this world, then you will meet a fate worse than death. And by that I mean you will restart at the last checkpoint.

As you play you will have to solve puzzles, which in turn will allow you to progress to the next area. As you do this, you will find out what caused the once peaceful forest to turn into a place of evil filled with weird creatures.

Puzzles include collecting items, using them at the right time, avoiding evil creatures, sneaking about, but also luring enemies to traps and running away.

The puzzles themselves can be quite strange, and solving them may not seem as straight forward as they first appear. There is not much to help you along the way, so you will have to use every inch of your brainpower to figure things out. Sometimes you will find yourself trying everything, until something works, which can be frustrating, but when you do finally figure out how to proceed you will feel pleasantly fulfilled.

The Good
Really beautiful graphics, and some very decent well thought out puzzles to solve.

The Bad
Some of the puzzles are a bit "out there", and you may need to seek help online if you get stuck. And the platforming elements can be a bit dodgy, falling off an area, or not making a jump etc.

Don't be distracted by the beautiful 2D artwork, this is a decent little puzzle game, a little short, but worth your time. 

I Score Creepy Tale a strong 7/10

Out Now on Nintendo Switch

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