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2 Nov 2020

REVIEW: Golf With Your Friends on Xbox One

Review by Jon Donnis
Golf With Your Friends is not your usual crazy/mini golf game, this is so much more.
The main attraction to this game is the multiplayer, hence the name of the game, "Golf With Your Friends", you can play with up to 11 friends, meaning 12 players can be playing simultaneously.

Now some of us don't have 11 friends, so I played the single player version, as I do enjoy a good golf game, both your PGA style professional simulation as well as your crazy golf pick up and play fun type of game.

Golf With Your Friends has lots of courses and all have a theme, which makes everything that little bit more fun.
Whether it is your standard mini golf type course, or a course in a haunted house, a pirate course, and even a Worms course.

The game also has powerups, which come into play the most when playing with friends, as you can trap their ball by freezing it, turning it into a cube or leaving it stuck in honey.

There are various game modes too, classic, hoops or hockey goals instead of your normal tee. All give a nice playing experience.

And just when you think that is too much, you even have a level editor which although can be quite time consuming, it is great to play your own courses.

There are a lot more things to the game, and there is plenty to keep you going for a while.

The Good
Bright and colourful graphics, easy to pick up and play, and a lot more than you would usually get with a mini golf type game.

The Bad
Some of the courses seem a bit over complicated and some can be downright devilish to complete, personally I like the challenge so I don't mind, but some could be put off, I found that if you plan where you are going to play the ball, by using the above camera option, you will find yourself less likely to get lost on court. Practice makes perfect. I would also suggest that the controls are a bit tricky at first to get used to.

This is a fun, easy to play golf game, as a single player game it is fun and you will spend many an hour completing the courses and trying to collect your achievements, but the game really excels in multiplayer mode.

I score this game a solid 7/10

Available now on PS4, Xbox, Switch and Steam.

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