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3 Jan 2019

Clock Simulator - Nintendo Switch

In Clock Simulator your task is simple, click once a second, every second to the rhythm of a ticking clock. From developer Kool2Play, Clock Simulator is an immersive, minimalistic rhythm game that requires patience, focus, and a penchant for timekeeping. The game supports basic clock simulation as well as a host of arcade modes and challenging twists on the clock gameplay like ‘Pig got the rhythm’, which is a mash-up of the standard Clock Simulator rhythm challenge with a typing game as guide a pig through a series of obstacles.

The core game is played over a soft, ambient soundtrack while warm backgrounds swell across the colour spectrum. Your role is to be the clock: precise, reliable, perfect. And that’s why Clock Simulator is so interesting and challenging, it tasks you to embody these infallible aspects of everyday clocks. It’s as frustrating as it is meditative, and there’s not many games out there that ask so little of you while demanding so much.

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