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17 Oct 2020

REVIEW: Doodle God: Evolution - Xbox One

Review by Jon Donnis
Doodle God: Evolution is a tile matching game, you start off by combining 4 elements, air, water, fire and earth, as you combine them you create new elements, you combine those with each other and so on. Thats the game.

There are different puzzles and modes which have you trying to get to a certain evolutionary outcome by combining tiles in specific ways, there is also Doodle Farm, where you have to create animals.

I am not sure what else to say, this is a tile matching game, there is no real intelligence to it, some things that you match make no sense when you consider what they create, for example water + glass = ice. There are some nice animations, as you create things they appear on a globe. It is all very pretty.

This is a mobile game that they have put on consoles and it just does not work.
Console games you want to play for more than a few minutes, mobile games are designed often so you play for a few minutes and then come back to the next time you have a few minutes to kill.

The Good
The graphics are pretty

The Bad
This is not a game you will spend any time on, even the gamer points are not working for me.

This is a tile matching game, if you enjoy such games and are happy to spend time sat in front of your TV trying to endlessly match tiles, then this is the game for you, but for me, I just found nothing in it. Sorry, this is a mobile game not a console game. 1/10

Review by Jon Donnis

Available for purchase on the PlayStation/Xbox stores (priced £10/€10/$10), Doodle God: Evolution offers an improved version of the much-loved puzzler Doodle God bundled with Doodle Farm too!

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