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1 Dec 2020

Gun Pig - Cute Pigs, spaceships and weapons, isn't that a perfect combo?

Cute Pigs, spaceships and weapons,  isn't that a perfect combo?
Join us in a thrilling adventure where you will have to test your speed and reflexes at the wheel.

GUNPIG is a fast-paced arcade-style twin-stick shooter with a quick swap weapons system, bonus levels and hidden collectibles! Guaranteed desestress.

Hop into your teeny tank and blast the, fun, arcade style action!Join alien pest control specialist (and possibly shortest mercenary in the galaxy) Bax Torpini, as he fights to rid Stalwart Academy, a school space station, of a rogue horde of out-of-control robot space monsters!

Cute piggy mascot character!
8 different stages of increasing challenge
9 different weapons with 3 special weapons; a droppable mine, acid barrier or area blast!
Quick swap 'GunMod' system...just drive over the pad to change out your gun at any time!
Hidden 'Bax Card' art card collectibles illustrated by individual artists hidden throughout the levels
Full soundtrack by Tower Of Guns/Mothergunship composer Mike Mirabello, with special victory track by The Mysterious Breakmaster Cylinder

Platforms: Nintendo Switch and Steam
Release date: 03/12/2020
Price: 4,99 $/€
Languages: English.
Age rating: E

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