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11 Dec 2020

REVIEW: DRAGON QUEST®XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age™ - Definitive Edition

Review by Jon Donnis
I have always been a fan of the Final Fantasy games, but I have never really got into any other Role-Playing Games outside of that franchise, I decided to take a look at Dragon Quest XI. 

(I have been posting some of my gameplay clips on my youtube channel, check them out at or scroll to the bottom of this review to watch)

34 Years ago, the first Dragon Quest game was released, known as Dragon Warrior in the West, it was a 2D pixel style RPG, fast forward to 2020 and we have a wonderful, sprawling, open world game that takes the whole genre to the next level. Perfect for new players to the genre, I found myself quickly getting immersed into the gameplay, and never at any point feeling overwhelmed, which is often a problem with such games.

A nice touch to this game is the option to play in a 2D pixel style, as well as the glorious 3D mode. Of course, I chose the 3D mode because I am all about the visuals! There is also both English and Japanese audio, not really sure why non-Japanese speaking people would choose Japanese but I am guessing some people might want to authentic feel?

So let's take a look at the plot, the game is set in the world of Erdrea, your Kingdom is invaded and destroyed, your are but an infant and you are found floating in a river by an old man, you are adopted by his family and raised in the village. Once you have grown up, your adopted family tell you the truth about your life, how you came to be with them and so on. You are sent to meet with the King of Heliodor, but he accused you of being evil, and throws you in the dungeon, you meet a thief and the pair of you escape. This is when the story really starts and you start to explore the world. There are missions and side missions to complete. You will fight monsters, you will collect treasure, you will buy and sell goods, upgrade your weapons and armour, as you play you will meet lots of new characters, some will join your party. This game has everything you would expect in an epic RPG style game. Fans of the genre will not be disappointed.

Fighting monsters is done in a typical turn-based manner, you can have a free camera or fixed camera mode when fighting, it doesn't really make a difference to the fight itself, but it does provide a bit of fun during fights. And there is a perfect learning curve too when it comes to the fights.

The Good
This is a big game, and by big, I mean huge. This game easily has 100 hours of gameplay in, there are endless things to do, to enjoy, to collect. This is not a game you will play a few times and then forget about. It is an immersive game that will take preference over all of your other games for quite a while. The graphics are stunning, the soundtrack is moving. The whole game is something special.

The Bad
Nothing really, I struggle to find anything to complain about.

I really like this game, and I feel like I have only experienced a very small part of it so far.

I score this game 9/10

Review By Jon Donnis

DRAGON QUEST®XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age™ - Definitive Edition is out now
Nintendo Switch
Xbox One

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