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16 Dec 2020

Titan Saga - Chains of Kronos - From Kneeshaw Developments

Titan saga is an open world fantasy rpg, focused on deep customization of a character and town. Through tough choices, tactical battles and epic dungeons, you will experience an exciting and unique adventure.

Imperial Unity, it was supposed to save the humans. As the lord ruler began to lose power to the growing houses, he made law that the higher houses would have to wed their heirs to the lesser houses. He needed to redistribute the power, to stop a coup from the most powerful house. He knew the elves had been on the move and he should be ready to mount a defense. He was under attack from the inside and out.

Unbeknownst to all, an ancient force has awakened. The elves have found their Titan. The very paragon of their race. He had crafted the first Elves in the times of old. The magic they once had, is beginning to return. The Elves will no longer need to bow to the Human's Engineering marvels and steel.

Human long knew they would never be able to use magic. Their titan had been sealed away for his great misdeed, but they were a people who looked forward. A large empire-wide guild of engineers, tinkers and scientists because of this humans had long been the most powerful race. As magic begins a new, that will not last.

You begin your journey as an unfortunate young heir, to a lesser noble house, forced to flee from your city. Elves were provoked to attack your small city on the edge of the human empire. Nefarious enemies seem to want you dead and your family name destroyed. You must save your family, your name, your people, your land and maybe… your race. As you begin to notice more and more strange magical anomalies, you know something bigger than just you is happening.

Choose your allies wisely, as this journey will not be easy.

*Fast paced unique charge-action combat. Enemies and Players charge actions to unleash them outside of a classic turn order combat.
*An exciting and deep tale following a young noble cast out into a war torn empire. Most quests are dynamic and contain small and large consequences. The hero can shape the world and empire with their actions. 4 Main Story Chapters are designed to be 10 hours each.
*Customization is key. Classes can be mixed and matched with the skill equip core. With 336 base weapons and 144 base armor types which have 5 to 12 traits that can be randomized, Titan Saga has limitless equipment. A player owned town centered on a rogue-like dungeon offer even most customization.
*Hundreds of unique hand drawn enemies offer different enemy behaviors and skills to challenge you at every turn.


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