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6 Sept 2018

Surreal sci-fi game “Elea” launches for Xbox One and Steam®

Rotterdam, The Netherlands - September 6, 2018 - Today the first episode of surreal sci-fi game Elea launched as a console exclusive for the Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X, and on Steam®. The game is fully Xbox One X enhanced, runs on 60 FPS and has dynamic resolution with native 4K Ultra HD support. Elea was developed by a small yet experienced two person core team at Kyodai. The main character Elea was voiced by Leslie Fleming-Mitchell, an experienced Hollywood actress.

Watch the trailer:

Visit the Steam page:
Visit the Microsoft Store:

A leap into the future
Elea is a first-person storytelling experience that revolves around space scientist River-Elea. It’s the year 2073 and mankind is living in revolutionary times. Space colonization is making rapid progress and humans have built thriving colonies on Mars and the moons Titan, Ganymede and Europa. Alien life forms have finally been discovered and the awakening of a sentient AI enables spaceships to travel at lightning speed. In the midst of these developments, humanity faces extinction due to a neural mutation, turning all earth-born children into violent psychopaths.

Remembering the past
Against this tumultuous futuristic backdrop, the story of Elea takes form. It all starts in a secluded house on the shores of Mexico, where Elea awakens. She’s pregnant with her second son, has just moved in with her husband and first son, and is preparing for a new life. In reality however, Elea is not in her home but in a recovery room somewhere, years later, revisiting her memories in some sort of simulation. As the memory trip progresses, the house and its surroundings start to change and deteriorate, as time passes and grief descends on a home that was once full of love and expectations.

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