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20 Aug 2020

Prove Yourself Worthy and Ascend to Griefhelm

Developer Johnny Dale Lonack and Thorrnet Publishing are thrilled to announce that the highly anticipated medieval tactical duelling game Griefhelm, will launch on PC via Steam today.

Set in a deadly, violent medieval world, Griefhelm is an award-winning* tactical duelling game with lethal medieval weaponry. Wage battle and skewer your enemies, deflect their blows, and push your advantage as your tactically overcome foes in fast-paced duels. Every engagement begins a new dance to the death as warriors search for an opening. Master the art of combat to overcome your enemies and claim victory.

Experience a challenging, replayable campaign that will test the limits of your abilities on the battlefield. The replayable campaign will react to the paths you choose from over 500 narrative responses making each campaign run through feel fresh. Share your best battlefield experiences as each campaign can be played co-op with a friend or you can go solo and test your brutal skills as you take on the hordes of sword wielding enemies. Up to 4 players can battle it out in local multiplayer so you can fight with or against friends without leaving the safety of your couch! Abandon the heresy of peaceful rest. Reach out and lay claim to your eternal reward.

There are four factions represented in the world of Griefhelm, The Flames of Thorny Mountain, First Comet Alliance, The Brilliant Dawn Corps and the Order of the Emerald Scale, each with their own unique history, loyalties and preferences. Players can join a faction and carry its colours onto the battlefield during multiplayer battles, but choose wisely as your place in Griefhelm may depend on it.

Features of Griefhelm: 
Master fast, white-knuckle combat using a wide arsenal of medieval weaponry including long swords, flails and spears.
Use torches and flame weapons to set fire to your opponents or take to horse back for a tactical advantage as your enemies attack.
Challenge a dynamic, replayable campaign and claim your reward in Griefhelm.
Battle with or against your friends with online matchmaking.
Slay on the same couch with up to 4 people in local multiplayer.
Visually striking art style and hand crafted environments bring the world of Griefhelm to life.

Griefhelm will be available to purchase for PC via Steam today for £15.49GBP / $19.99USD / €16.79EUR

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