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1 Sept 2020

Space Crew - Release Date Trailer - Curve Digital

Captain get out of the mess hall, put down that doughnut and get to the bridge - Space Crew, the direct sequel to the award-winning game by Runner Duck, Bomber Crew has a launch date!

September 15th!

Your continuing mission: To defend Earth and humankind, to eliminate the extraterrestrial threat and to boldly go where no Crew has gone before!  Enlist today and blast off to new heights! Are you ready to enter ship-to-ship combat while balancing your strategy, managing your resources and keeping crew abilities in check to stop ship invasions, repair systems, tackle fires and take evasive action?

Recruit YOUR Space Crew from your captain to comms officer, weapons officer, engineer and more - you will be able to create your own unique crew with customisable equipment, load-outs, appearances and names.

Space Crew launches on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on 15th October and will be priced at £17.99/ €19.99/ $19.99 USD.

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