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1 Oct 2021

PREVIEW: Moo Lander on PC (Steam)

Preview by Staff
I was asked to take a look at the new demo for Moo Lander, an upcoming action adventure "platform" game. I put quotes around the word platform as you play as The Lander and fly around in his spaceship. The story has you taming mighty ancient cows, fighting all manner of alien life forms, solving puzzles and exploring alien worlds.

Now here is the big gimmick. MILK! Yes milk! Milk is your main objective here; you are in search of the source for infinite milk. Milk powers everything, your spaceship's shield, your weapons, everything is milk related. After "The War", all milk has been lost, so you need to recover ancient devices that are capable of producing infinite amounts of it. 

The mighty ancient cows I mentioned earlier, well they are your "boss fights". Well, if you can reach them, you see each level will have you exploring and trying to unlock routes to get to the end. Did I mention milk? From early on you will see that you need milk to replenish your weapons, or even upgrade them. A milk saber not only sounds good, it is surprisingly efficient in destroying alien plants that are trying to kill you. Milk gun is also good, but I prefer the milk saber. And of course, a milk shield.

Since the full game is not out yet, I was not able to enjoy the full story, but from what I did play, I did enjoy.

Control of the space ship is easy, and the milk weapons are fun to use, especially the milk saber. You will find yourself needing to solve basic puzzles to open the path to progress further, as well as avoid aliens trying to kill you. All in all a fun game so far.

The graphics are all hand drawn, everything looks and sounds great.

As Demos go, this is worth a look, it is free, so what do you have to lose.

Give it a play. Let me know what you think.

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