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27 Nov 2021

REVIEW: Minimalism on PC (Steam)

Review by Jon Donnis
Imagine a game that is less than 10mb to download in 2021, it can't exist surely?

Well, it does, and it is called Minimalism, and that truly is the perfect name for this game. At its base it is a platformer. 30 levels which get harder and harder.

You control a square, and your job is to collect keys and reach the end point of the level which is a door. Sounds easy right? But it is anything but easy.

The levels are maze like, with spikes to avoid, walls to bounce up, or slide down, there are weird letter things to collect as well, (giving lots of achievements), and that's it.

For what sounds like a very simple and boring game, it is in fact incredibly addictive, and not at all simple.

The Good
A game like this proves that graphics really aren't the most important thing in a game, instead it is the gameplay, and this has that in spades.

The Bad
The music is a bit "meh"

A surprisingly addictive, fun platformer, that is very challenging, if a tad frustrating at times.

For just 39p currently on Steam, this game really is value for money. 

I score Minimalism a truly impressive 9/10

Out Now on Steam at

Review by Jon Donnis

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