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23 Nov 2021

REVIEW: Valkyrie: Journey To Midgard on PC (Steam)

Review by Staff
Valkyrie: Journey To Midgard is a simple, old school RPG.

Here is the basic story

"A Dragon Orb has been stolen from Asgard. Valkyrie has been sent down to Midgard to retrieve the lost treasure. The goddess must not only overcome fierce monsters, but also to face a dark conspiracy that will affect all of nine realms."

For a start, it sounds way more exciting than it actually is. 

You play as "Valkyrie", and you find yourself in a dungeon, sadly a pretty basic looking dungeon. You will die a lot in this game, and when you do die, you have to start at the beginning, luckily you will come across Save Crystals, so if you do die, just exit the game, and continue from a save point. Because not to confuse the save crystals (clear in colour) with red ones, which are a boss fight.

Each room of the dungeon will contain multiple paths, and along the way you will find coffins that may contain helpful items, like armour or weapon upgrades. You will also find statues you can pray to; they may give you a positive benefit or a negative one. And you will also come across monsters. Battles are turn based, and pretty simple to figure out. There are boss fights that you can avoid for a while, and then when you think you are strong enough, the next time you come across one you can choose to take it on.

The graphics are simple but fine, most of the time you are in the dungeons which are dark.  The sound effects are ok for what they are.

The Good
Simple concept, easy to learn, fun to have a quick go on, and see if you can get further than you did previously.

The Bad
There's just not that much to the game. But for £1.69 what do you really expect.

Not the best RPG you will play, but also not the worst, perhaps a nice starter RPG for newbies to the genre.

I give Valkyrie: Journey To Midgard a fair 6/10
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Review by Staff

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