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16 Nov 2018

Ride 3 - Race at 60 FPS | PS4 Pro

Here’s why developers at Milestone strived to reach 60 FPS on PS4 PRO for their motorbike racer. And the result looks wonderful.

If your father owned a motorcycle when you were a little kid, chances are that you went absolutely crazy with excitement when riding on the back of his bike, amazed by the wonders of the world passing by at full speed. And if you followed his footsteps by being a biker yourself, you know one thing: that sense of wonder has not changed a single bit now that you’re an adult.

And while building RIDE 3, we knew one thing: we had to find a way to recreate that very same sense of wonder in the game. Luckily enough, PS4 PRO and Xbox One X made our life easy (well, a bit easier, at least), since they’re the perfect platform to run the game at 60 frames per second. Have a look at it yourself.

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